Best Local Foods to Try in Nepal

2022-10-09 | Published By: Bold Himalaya

If you are wondering what kind of food you can have in Nepal. Then you are on the right page to find the best local food to try while traveling in Nepal. You will get all kinds of information about Nepal’s best foods and clear your doubts. Nepalese cuisine has been passed down from generation to generation and it is one of the most beautiful things about their culture despite popular belief.

Nepal is not only famous for its popular mountains, and hill stations, but it is also popular for its several delicious delicacies that are culturally distinct. Several dishes are a blend of amazing flavors that are lip-smacking.

There are different items of food from their different cultures and communities like Newari food, Tharu food, Sherpa and Gurung food, etc. Each food is so delicious that it makes you want to eat more and more. Here is a list of some popular foods of the Nepalese community you can try in Nepal.

Nepal has regions, and numerous ethnic groups, allowing you to try different cuisines according to their respective groups. However, the most common foods are described here.

List of Best Food to Try in Nepal

• Newari Khaja
• Yomari

• Chatamari

• Choila

• Juju Dhau  

• Dhido and sisnu

• Gundruk soup and Gundruk achar 

• Momo 

• Samosa 

• Selroti 

• Aalu Achaar 

• Aalu chop 

• Pani puri 

• Chatpate 

• Sadeko Sukuti 

• Laping 

• Thukpa 

• Sherpa Stew 

• Aalu Tama 

• Yak Cheese

Popular Nepali Food with Details

Newari Khaja

Newari Khaja is an ethnic food of the Newari Community of Kathmandu. It is also known as Samai Baji or Newari Bhoye in Newari Language. In the early times, this food was just limited to Newari people and was consumed on some special occasions.

Newari Khaja set - Food in Nepal

Now, It is one of the popular Newari food items in Kathmandu as well as most of the city of Nepal. You can try it in many places in Nepal but the most popular place to experience Newari food Culture is inside of Kathmandu Valley. You can see many items in this Newari Khaja such as Bajee(beaten rice), achar, Chhoyela, egg, soybeans, bara, peanuts, gram, aalu Tama, etc. You can also get a delicious taste of Newari Khaja at various Newari food restaurants in Kathmandu. It is mostly taken as a snake in the afternoon.


Yomari is also one of the Newari foods of Nepal. It is a sweet dish prepared in triangular (or teardrop) from rice dough and stuffed with a sweet paste that is filled with Chaaku or made of coconut, sesame seeds, and molasses. It is cooked as steamed and served hot. The name of the dish is derived from the words ya, meaning to like, and Mari, meaning delicacy.

Yomari - Nepalese Food

Yomari is specially prepared for the festival of Yomari Punhi or you can also say that Yomari is a festival food in Nepal. But, you can try it whenever you want in the Newari food restaurant.


Another Newari item on the list is Chaatamari. Chatamari is a Nepalese rice crepe, which is also a Newa cuisine. It is generally eaten during festivals and other special occasions. But, you can have it in Newari food restaurants but not in all the Newari restaurants. Chatamari is now widely eaten as a snack and has become popular among other cultures also.

Chatamari - Nepalese Food

It is prepared as a rice flour crepe cooked with a thick batter. Various ingredients are used on the top like coriander, minced meat, eggs, chopped onions, chilies, and a lot of spices. It is a round shape and because of the topping, it looks like a pizza. It is considered a light sneak Cholla Cholla is a Newari meat item, usually served with the side dish of Newari Khaja. It is the meat of buffalo or chicken or mutton.

This dish has a unique taste with the hardness of chilly. It is very spicy. You can get Choila in Newari home restaurants of Nepal. It is prepared by half boiling meat and again putting that meat on the fire and cutting it into small cubes. After that, add salt, garlic and ginger pest, black paper, hot chili powder, turmeric, and a little bit of mustard oil, and top with coriander

Juju Dhau `

Juju is a curd but has a different taste than normal cured. It is the most delicious, creamy, thick, and sweet dish curd you can find in Nepal. It is also a Newari cultural food, mostly prepared in Bhaktapur.

Juju Dhau, yogurt - Nepalese Food

Rich in flavor, juju is prepared by pounding some sweetener. It is made up of buffalo milk, first boiling the milk at a high temperature and pouring it into the traditional clay pot which is known as Kataura or Masato ko Kataura. The Kataura is kept in a warm place until it’s ready. When you visit Bhaktapur/ Bhaktapur Durbar Square (one of the cultural places of Nepal) make sure to taste Juju Dhau over there.

Dal Bhat

Dal Baht is one of the heaviest dishes you can try in Nepal. It is a regular food of every Nepali or you can call it a national dish of Nepal. Dal Bhat is mainly rice served along with soup and side dishes such as meat, vegetables, curd, and pickles.

Dal Bhat  - Most Popular Nepalese Food

Dal Bhat can be both veg and non-veg. For veg items, it includes vegetable curry called Tarkari, spicy chutneys, a crisp flatbread called papadams, South Asian Achar pickles, stir-fried greens, and slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. And for non-veg items, it is served with vegetables, dal, chicken or buff or pork, or fish according to your wants. There are many types of Dal Bhat you can find in Nepal with different items and tastes. Some of them are; Thakali Khana, Maili Bhanchha Ghar Khana, etc.

Dhido with Sisnu

Dhido and sisnu is another heavy meal you can try in Nepal. It is a traditional food, prepared traditionally by boiling stone-ground cornmeal, buckwheat flour, and millet flour with salt in water. Sisnu is a soup item for Dhido.

Dhindo - authentic Nepalese food

It is very helpful for our health. Dhido and sisnu are also considered healthy dishes in Nepal. With Dhido and Sisnu, you get vegetable curries, butter, Achar, pickles, buttermilk, and yogurt in the Nepalese restaurant.

Gundruk soup and Gundruk Achar

Gundruk is a popular Nepali dish that loves to eat. It is made by fermenting and drying several leafy vegetables such as radish plant leaves, cauliflower leaves, Rayo saag, and mustard leaves to produce a sour product characterized by its dark brown color. Gundruk there are many recipes like Gundruk soup and Gundruk achar.

Gundruk Achar and Soup - authentic Nepalese food

Gundruk is a side dish that can be taken with heavy meals just like Dal Bhat and Dido. It will make a great combination with a heavy meal. Gundruk soup can be prepared by putting water and boiling it, placing onion, tomato, and different kinds of items. Gundruk ko achar is prepared by mixing different types of things like hot chilies, tomato, lemon, soaked Gundruk, onion, salt, lemon, mustard oil, etc

Mo Mo

Momo is an all-time favorite food for all Nepalese people. It is a dumpling that was traditionally only filled with minced meat, but nowadays, the fillings have diversified to include vegetables, dairy, or a combination of both.

Mo Mo - Most Popular food of Nepal

Many hotels and restaurants serve momo in Kathmandu. It comes in different flavors and different sizes. Momo served with its achar(sauce) is the interesting part. The Achar is as delicious as the dumplings (momo). While having momo, you can ask for it as much as you want. You can find different flavors of momo like Veg momo, chicken momo, buff momo, Khasi momos, lamb or mutton filling, C-momo, fry momo, etc.


Samosa is a portion of Indian food, popular in Nepal. Samosa is usually taken as breakfast and snacks. It is made up of a mixture of white wheat flour and adding potato and beans and some vegetables, species, and deep fry in oil/ ghee.

Samosa - Nepalese food

You can easily get Samosa in Nepalese hotels and restaurants. You can see it selling on the streets of Nepal. Samosa is served with achar on the side. You can choose the Achar sweet one or the spicy one. Most Nepalese people choose sweet Achar with Samosa.

Sel Roti

Selroti is one of the favorite items of all Nepalese. It usually took with morning tea like snakes. It looks like a doughnut, round in shape, and with another circular hole in the middle. It is a festival item prepared on the day of Dashain and Tihar.

Selroti - Popular food of Nepal

Nepalese people make Sel Roti in their houses and enjoy the festival with their friends and family. Nowadays, the popularity of Sel Roti is so huge that many people prefer Sel Roti in their daily lives. It is made up of rice flour and cooked like a regular donut deep fried in oil or ghee. It has a great combination of tea.

Aalu Chana

Aalu chana is a traditional potato curry and spicy chickpeas. It is usually preferred with Dal Bhat or you can also have it with morning tea. It is prepared with boiled potatoes and boiled chickpeas and cooked mixed with different spices, salt, chilly powder, etc.

Aalu Chana - Nepali food

You can get Aalu Chana in hotels and restaurants in Nepal but the best combo is with morning milk tea, Sel roti, and Aalochana.

Aalu Chap

Aalu Chap is a different recipe for aalu (Potato). It is common to local people and you can see this food selling on the street. It is preferred in restaurants also with the best taste than the street.

Aalu Chap - Popular Nepali Snakes

It is prepared by boiling the potato and removing the outer skin on the potato and then mixed with different types of spices like salt, turmeric, red chilly powder, onion, lemongrass, etc. After all, it is prepared in a medium round shape and deep fried in boiled oil.

Pani Puri

Pani puri is Indian street food, equally popular in Nepal also. The popularity of Pani Puri is so high that you can get it in the restaurant also. There are huge different tastes in street items and fine restaurants.

Pani Puri : Nepali Food

If you are looking for something with spices, hard and tangy taste then you can try Pani Puri. It is prepared by boiling potato and mashing it, chili, and onions, spices are put into small puri and served with water which includes spices, lemon, and mint.


If you are looking for something spicy, then you should try Chatpate. It is also a popular street food like Pani Puri in Nepal. Chatpate also has to gain popularity so high that you can get chatpate in fine restaurants.

Chatpate - Spicy Nepali Snacks

You can try it in the accommodation of your choice. Chatpate is a mixture of various spices to have a fine flavor of spiciness, tanginess, and sweetness.

Saadeko Sukuti

If you want to have a unique meat item, then this dish will be the best item for you. It is a unique Nepalese dish insisting on dried meat. It is a dry meat item of lamb or buffalo and adds cumin, turmeric, black pepper, coriander, chili, ginger, garlic, and onion paste while frying it.

Sukuti Sandheko: Nepali Meat Snakes

It has a different taste than regular meat items. You can try it in hotels and restaurants in Nepal. It is served as a side dish in restaurants. You can try this dish with hard drinks; it will make a perfect combination.


It is the home food of the Sherpa, lama, and Tamang communities. Slowly getting popularity in the market. It is also a Tibetan street food, it is a spicy cold mung bean noodle dish in their cuisine.

Laphing - Nepali Food

Originally it was called ‘Liangfen’ and it turned into laughter. It is getting its popularity among food lovers in Nepal. You can have the best spice taste of Laping in the Boudhanath area (one of the heritage sites of Nepal) or you can get in the street of Sigal, Thamel. You can have the best taste of spice in your mount.


Thukpa has been influenced by Tibetan and Chinese cuisines. It is a breakfast meal usually like noodles. It is mostly preferred in the winter season and rainy seasons. In Nepal, it is most popular in the mountain region.

Thukpa - Popular Nepali Soup

Thukpa can be veg and nonveg food item. It is a healthy noodle food with green vegetables like cauliflower, beans, and many other vegetables. Nonveg, it can be prepared with meat and eggs.

Sherpa Stew

Sherpa stew is the traditional food of the Sherpa community. It is a popular dish in the mountain regions, mostly in the Everest region. It is also preferred in the winter and rainy seasons.

Sherpa Stew - Popular food of Sherpa

It is a food which has thick soup containing dough, veg and adding a bowl of rice to keep you full all day. It is also considered a heavy meal in the mountain regions. In Kathmandu, only a few restaurants have this meal item.

Aalu Tama

Aalu Tama is one of the best sour soups you can find in Nepal. It is very popular in the Local Community of Kathmandu. You can get it in the Newari Khaja set. It also makes a great combination with puri and roti.

Aalu Tama: Popular Nepalese Soups

It is also called roti tarkari. It is prepared with a mix of potato, bamboo shoots, and beans, and add taste; salt, black powder, garlic, and ginger paste. You can try Aalu Tama on the accommodation of your choice, with a Newari Khaja set or rice, Sel roti, and roti.

Yak Cheese

If you are trekking in the Himalayas then don’t forget to try yak cheese. It is creamy and has a soft treat taste. It is very healthy and has various health benefits for our health also. It is prepared with the pure milk of Yak.

Yak Cheese - Best food of High Himalaya