Best Things to do in Nepal for Couples

2022-12-23 | Published By: Bold Himalaya

The honeymoon is often the couple's once-in-a-lifetime vacation. It gives you the chance to enjoy your brand-new marriage while putting all the preparation and worry behind you. It establishes the tone for the journeys you will take together in the future. And most significantly, it gives you moments that you'll treasure forever.
The honeymoon market has been impacted by the recent trend toward ecotourism and adventure travel. A growing number of newlyweds desire to visit an exotic location and add some genuine adventure and excitement to their trip, which Nepal offers abundantly.

Nepal is a place of exploration and a one-of-a-kind experience, with old cultures that are rich and paired with some of the world's most stunning scenery. Nepal is the best place to go if you're open-minded and seek a memorable, real experience.

Reason to Visit Nepal for Honeymoon

Here are the reasons why you should visit Nepal for a honeymoon trip.

  • Probably there's no better place for a honeymoon than Nepal for those who love adventure, nature, and culture

  • Nepal is a diverse nation. A lively culture and sense of history coexist with breathtaking natural resources. The nation offers a spectacular backdrop for hiking and many adventure trips as well as some of the best white water rafting in the world.

  • It is home to 10 of the world's fourteen tallest mountains. This adds adventure and excitement to romance. Nepal is home to a staggering variety of plant and animal species, including more than 300 different species of orchids, thanks to its wide range of altitudes.

  • It makes up over 10% of all avian species in the globe and has over 800 different bird species. As a result of its rich history and traditional architecture, Kathmandu is home to no fewer than seven World Heritage Sites, and Lumbini, the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, is also located in Nepal.

  • Nepal is home to a wide diversity of animals, and its national parks Chitwan and Bardia cover lowland tropical jungles and grasslands. The isolated national parks are home to the Bengal tiger, rare snow leopard, one-horned rhino, and Himalayan black bear.

Here is a list of some romantic activities that a couple on a honeymoon trip can do in Nepal.

Helicopter Tour

It's a great idea for newlyweds to take a helicopter tour during their honeymoon. The world's highest peak, Mount Everest, as well as the other eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, are all visible from the air during a helicopter ride in Nepal.
You may also enjoy tempting sunrise and sunset views of the snow-capped Himalayas. A magnificent flight by helicopter can take you across the Kathmandu Valley, where you can see ancient temples and monasteries.

All of these factors combine to create a joyful and thoughtful trip that will certainly leave you with happy memories made to excite you and your significant other. Helicopter Tours are available in many places and at many different prices. Some of the places are Everest base camp Annapurna Base Camp Langtang Helicopter tour etc.

Hiking / Trekking

By traveling to new areas together, you may add some adventure and excitement to your new relationship. For all those adventurous newlyweds, going on a trek together is a wonderful alternative.
You will also be able to experience local cultures and food along your journey. The Everest ViewAnnapurna, Langtang, the area around Kathmandu, and Pokhara are excellent locations to find a short hike with beautiful scenery for a honeymoon.

Choose hiking routes that are compatible with your level of fitness and experience, whether that be a mountain with significant elevation changes or a lovely meadows trail that is simple to follow but still provides breathtaking vistas.

Hiking with a partner may be a tremendously rewarding experience that also considerably improves relationships and create memories.

Visiting Temples

In Nepal, there are many magnificent examples of religious architecture that harmoniously blend Hinduism and Buddhism. While visiting the country, tourists should make time to visit Nepal's temples, some of which have an important relation to the Ramayana and others of which are simply breathtakingly gorgeous. Nepal has a unique, amazing culture that will live forever.
The country is home to numerous revered temples and shrines that are also well-known for their spectacular beauty. You can take blessings for a wonderful life with your partner by visiting any one of the valley's many temples.

Mountain Flight

Newlywed couples can take pleasure in breathtaking views of the towering peaks while unwinding in a window seat in a tiny aircraft on mountain flights. A mountain lover's dream has always been to soar above the Himalayas, and in Nepal, mountain flying has made that ambition a reality.
The Himalayan panorama is breathtaking, and only here are the eight tallest mountains in the world visible. On a mountain flight, the snow-covered mountains, including Everest, may be seen in exquisite detail from the air.

Mountain flight is the quickest and most practical way to see Everest or other peaks without going on trial. Hiking in high-altitude locations like Everest and Annapurna might not be for beginner-hiker couples.

Sunrise, Sunset Tour

You may witness the sun rise and set over Nepal's jagged mountains by taking an exhilarating and enticing sunrise and sunset trip. Sunrise and sunset are truly magnificent sights to behold.
Throughout this adventure with your cherished spouse, observe the sun setting and changing from orange-painted clouds. The serene and gorgeous scenery of the sun setting or rising over Nepal's magnificent Himalayas will live in the memory forever.

You may capture the horizon's audacious, bright, and vibrant display at sunrise and sunset with exhilarating Sunrise and Sunset tours. For a Sunrise and Sunset tour in Nepal, the spring, fall, and winter seasons are ideal.

The monsoon and summer months are the least favorable for the tour (June to August). when weather forecasts are less accurate. Nepal has two distinct seasons: spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). Winter, on the other hand, lasts from December through February. Sarangkot, Bandipur, and Nagarkot are a few locations that provide sunrise and sunset trips.

Jungle safari

For newlywed couples seeking excitement and adventure on their ideal date, nature makes the ideal getaway. The ideal start to a honeymoon might be dense woodlands and mesmerizing scenery. But for a touch of romanticism, opulent accommodations and exclusive settings are important.
The safari honeymoon resorts can greatly enhance your exciting but romantic getaway in this situation. A safari not only provides an opportunity for you to bond with your significant other and have fun, but it also gives you the chance to discover new things about one another.

You spend a lot of time in close quarters when you go on a safari with someone. The things you learn about one another can surprise you. Honeymooners can engage in a range of activities while in the park.

Most significantly, after the chaos of city life, you will have a relaxing impact. Living in the park is very calming and reigniting.


You can become closer as a couple by working through challenges together. By taking the lead in the paddle boat, driving your inflatable raft, or signing up for a challenging excursion, you can grow personally and support one another.
When you take on a task like this, it will strengthen your relationship even further. What better way to show your lover how much you care than getting into a b raft together.

Due to the abundance of rivers in Nepal, which range in size and difficulty, couple rafting is an option in many locations. Depending on your prior expertise and level of fitness, you can select the rafting difficulty level.


On the ZipLine day excursion, you and your spouse will witness some breathtaking mountain and rural landscapes. In Nepal, there are a couple of Ziplines that allow you to share the thrill while admiring the stunning scenery.
Ziplines are available in many places for both short and long distances, depending on the location They easily accessible in Dhulikhel (Kathmandu), Sarankot (Pokhara), and Aaptari, three of Nepal's top tourist sites (Chitwan).

If you want a unique and thrilling experience in life, try ziplining in Nepal. In Nepal, ziplining is possible over lakes, in the middle of the deep jungle, and on high mountains. It is an extremely safe, advanced technology that works well for up to 125 kg (275 lbs).


This is the activity you should do if you want to experience some high-adrenaline sports with your significant other. Couple Swing generally has no specific physical requirements; if you believe you can complete it, go ahead.
The world's highest swing Kushma swing which is 228 meters in height is available in Nepal. You can experience it with your partner in a freefall of up to 6 seconds. The location of the suspension bridge over the deep river is itself an amazing thing.

Rickshaw Tour

Take a romantic rickshaw ride with your significant other to experience the city like a local while riding on three wheels. Additionally, you'll be traveling with a skilled guide.
Get to know your partner and Kathmandu's colorful culture and everyday routines during this escorted rickshaw trip. As you move from door to door, cross off Kathmandu's historical, religious, and cultural attractions, such as Thamel's hippie fleshpots, Asan Tole Market's ancient market, and Durbar Square's royal palaces.

Finally, you can exit the rickshaw and continue your journey on foot while taking in the beautiful early-evening light that beautifully illuminates the city's temples and the nocturnal glow of Kathmandu's thriving nightlife as it begins to awaken.

Taste Local foods

Nepal is a cultural and traditional melting pot because it is home to many different ethnic groups. The majority of its food has regional variances but is often affected by its neighbors.
Meals are offered in a huge variety here. Nepali cuisine is distinct from Western fast food. Nepali cuisine is well-known among consumers for its variety of flavors. With each dish, you feel the want to consume more.

Nepali cuisine consists of much more than only "Dal-Bhat." The different communities in Nepal have a significant impact on food. Using recipes that have been in use for thousands of years, Nepalese food has been passed down through the generations. These meals are highly valued in Nepalese traditional festivities.

Joining Cooking Class

It's the ideal chance to have a romantic experience and pick up some cooking skills at the same time. Working together will also undoubtedly improve your relationship with that special someone.
Together learn with local Nepalese chefs, and create some romantic memories that are extremely delightful. Learn to make Nepalese dish items that you like. You can even teach your family and friends afterward.

Through an interesting and participatory activity, you have the opportunity to get to know one another better. In either case, it's the kind of date that strengthens relationships between partners. And it doesn't matter if you're an experienced home cook or only sometimes prepare meals yourself.

Couple Massage, Spa & Therapy

Depending on the client's selected expertise, a couples massage is a soothing body massage done with a partner for therapeutic reasons. Its goal is to create a calm environment to balance people's bodies, thoughts, and energies.
Romantic couple massage is the name that this dual therapy is more commonly known. Oils and aromatherapy are commonly used in this kind of massage, which makes it incredibly calming and intimate.

Couples massages have numerous advantages, but the primary one is that it increases the degree of comfort and attachment between couples. Couples massages are not only beneficial for your relationship, but they are also highly advised as a first-time experience for individuals who enjoy company when visiting spas and are new to receiving massages of any kind.

Couple massage and spa is available in all places inside and outside Kathmandu valley so make sure to give it a try.

Bed breakfast and Candle Light Dinner

Spending time together, just the two of you, is so vital for relationships, and where better to do that than in a romantic bed and breakfast? Imagine it: There are some of the most breathtaking views you've ever seen, along with soft and plush blankets, delicious pastries, and wine poured for two.
You can take pleasure in all of that and more from the convenience of your bed and breakfast accommodation. It will allow you and your spouse to unwind, wind down, and rekindle your love for one another.

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy love life is to go on dates with your significant other. To meet this demand, a number of restaurants with romantic themes have launched.

Take your special someone out for a candlelight dinner or a moonlight dinner as a surprise. If you want to make your partner's night memorable, you can also create specific arrangements like playing music just for them.


Going shopping together makes honeymooning couples happier and could even help you reignite your passion. You can better understand each other's shopping preferences by getting to know each other's preferences when it comes to certain items.
Shopping is made much more fun by the large assortment of exciting, colorful things available at incredibly low rates in the markets of Pokhara and Kathmandu. A broad variety of craftsmanship has developed in Nepal as a result of its rich history and culture.

Your plan for Nepal will include heavenly temples and stupas, but don't forget to explore the country's vibrant markets, which provide travelers with an astounding selection of things. These markets display the genuine culture of this landlocked country.