Jungle Safari Tours in Nepal

2022-09-07 | Published By: Bold Himalaya

Nepal has been the most adventurous country with lots of adventurous trips including safari tours. Jungle and wildlife safari tours offer wonderful and unique wildlife adventure experiences for nature lovers, bird watchers, and wilderness spectators. The geography of Nepal can be divided into three features: Himalayan, Hilly, and the plain land of Terai.

All this land contains a total of nine national parks, four wildlife reserves, and three conservation Areas. A wide range of ecosystems, from subtropical jungles to arctic conditions of Himalayan highlands, including the various species of floras and faunas are found in Nepal.

The rich biodiversity of Nepal makes it one of the most ecotourism destinations in the world. Almost 19 percent of the total land of Nepal is covered by protected wildlife reserves and national park areas across the country.

Nepal has everything to offer for travelers whether they want to spend a night at the luxury jungle lodge or explore the dense jungles on a safari. The experience of the safari in the dense jungles of Nepal by hearing birds chirping and exploring different wildlife is incredible.

Jungle Safari Tours in, Chitwan, Nepal

Reason to do Safari tours in Nepal

Jungle safari tours are great adventure activities in Terai, Nepal that let you explore various species of flora and fauna within conserved areas. Here are some of the reasons to do safari tours in Nepal.

1. Witness the rare and endangered animals Jungle safari tours in Nepal provide an excellent opportunity for travelers to witness some of the rarest and endangered species of wild animals and birds. You can spot animals like one-horn rhinoceros, the royal Bengal tiger, snow leopard, red panda, blue bull, and gharial crocodiles.

2. An adventurous walk through the jungle e The wildlife reserves and national parks are built to protect the forests and animals in their final habitat. You will be walking through the tropical and subtropical jungles of Terai that have provided shelter to many species of plants, animals, and birds. The trails at just the safari tour will take you to the wilderness of Chitwan national park and Bardia national park.

3. Best for all age groups Most Jungle safari tours in Nepal take at the lowland of Nepal, Tarai. It is plain land with lots of national parks and wildlife reserves. For jungle safari, kind Kidd's physical fitness is not required. It can be done with the help of any age group's group effort.

The safari tours are their best adventurous and exploration activities to know about the forest and wild animals featured for any age group and explore local cultures and traditions Mostly, people of The Tharu community reside near national parks and wildlife reserves.

You will get the chance to enjoy the Tharu culture and traditions as well as a chance to taste the local tharuThuuuines. You will get full of enjoyment and entertainment around the Tharu community by seeing their dance and listening to the music. You will get to know more about the Tharu ethnic groups of Nepal.

Best time for Jungle safari in Nepal

Nepal has several national parks and wildlife reserves for a safari tour in Nepal. Chitwan national park safari, Bardia national park safari, and, Koshi Tophu Wildlife reserve safari is the most popular wildlife adventure destination in Nepal.

Safari tour touches areas can be done at any time as safari tours are always open in these areas. The forests remain green and the same variety of flora and fauna can be viewed throughout the year.

However, October, November, December, January, February March, April, and May are considered the best months for jungle safari tours in Nepal. The climate is very dry and there is less humidity in the air. The visibility is clear, and there is a chance of spotting the Bengal tiger, elephants, rhinoceros, and birds can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Summer (June, July, and August) is quite avoidable for safari tours in Nepal as the southern Terai summer receives constant rainfall. The forests will surely be greener because of the rain but the animals will also be staying at their respective shelter bushes so there is less chance to spot the many wild animals and Bengal floricans.

And most of the animals go to hibernation during winter so their is also not suitable for safari even though humidity and climate are clearer in the southern Terai of Nepal.

Major attraction of Nepal safari tours

Nepal jungle safari tours are the perfect way to get into the true wilderness of nature. You will get the chance to explore the different varieties of flora and fauna as well as the chance to spot the rarest and endangered species of Nepal. Through the jungle safari and exploration activities, you will get to know about the history of national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal.

The national parks and wildlife reserves are contributing to the protection of rare species of plants, birds, and animals. Also, the safari tour activities give you the chance to explore local Tharu culture and traditions residing nearby the jungle of national parks and wildlife reserves.

The Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, and Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve are the most popular conserved areas for Tafari tours in Nepal. The major attractions of Nepal safari tours are mentioned below:

1. Rarest and endangered animals like the royal Bengal tone-horns, horned rhinoceros, snow leopards, sloth bears, Asian elephants, gharial crocodiles, wild water buffalo, and the genetic dolphins. 
2. Rarest and endangered birds like Bengal florican, Sarus crane, Black-necked stork, red-necked falcon, Lesser florican, and Houbaropsis bengalensis. 
3. Accommodation at the jungle resort with a great night view of the forest nearby. 
4. Walking through the jungbusch bird chirping settings and getting to the wilderness of nature. 
5. Jungle walk, jeep safari, and canoe riding. 
6. Sightseeing and exploration of ethnic groups of the Tharu community of Nepal. 
7. Local cultures, traditions, and local cuisines.

Major Activities while doing the safari in Nepal

As there are many activities can do while doing safari tours in Nepal many travelers on safari can say. an artists list you can do online at safari tours in Nepal.

1. Jungle walk and bird watching 

National parks and protected areas offer jungle walk which is great opportunities to experience nature closely. You will get the chance to see some of the rarest birds while walking through the forest.

This is the safest way to observe the birds within protected areas. The trails will allow you to climb up an aerial look at the jungle as well. The experience will be much sweeter if you get the chance to observe Himalayan migratory birds sheltering at the national parks and wildlife reserves of southern Nepal.

2. Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari is the major thing to do on safari tours in Nepal. It is the most common activity that Chitwan national park and Bardia national park offer to their visitors. It is also the most famous and exciting way to score any wild animal encounter. You will get a pleasant experience during your elephant safari. It is a great way to experience the flora and fauna closely even where a jeep cannot go there  

3. Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is the best way to see the wildlife in Chitwan national park and Bardia national park. You will see an array of rare flora and fauna during the ride.

While on a jeep safari, you are bound to experience one see kind of d wildlife experience One rhinoceros, the royal Bengal tigers, sloth bear sand, and giant hornbills can be spotted and you will find yourselves indulging in an adventure like never before.

4. Canoe rides in Rapti at Chitwan national park

One of the most pleasant in Chitwan national park is the canoe ride in a slow current Rapti river which gives life to many water creatures. You will get a chance to spot the different species of birds as well as gharial species of crocodiles. The Rapti river slow canoe ride on the gentle rivers is a rare opportunity to see the waterfront scenery. 

5. Visit the Crocodile Breeding center and Elephant breeding center

It is the most programs in the national parks to visit the crocodile breeding center and elephant breed Fish eating gharials and mugger crocodiles, as well as Elephants, are in the breeding center are enlisted as the rarest and endmost angered amphibians and mammals. You will get to know more about the crocodiles and elephants and their breeding system. 

6. Rafting in Bardia 

While doing a Safari tour in Bardia rafting in the Karnali River is the most popular tour activity to do to experience dolphins, fishes, and wild animals.

7. Explore the Local Community's village

While doing safari tours in Nepal various local communities living around the national park have their customs, traditions, and lifestyle. Experiencing and understanding community-like things while doing safari is a great activity in itself. 

Tips for a safari tour in Nepal

Safari tours in Nepal will be dramatic and an exploration of dense forests and wildlife within protected areas of Nepal. Before booking a safari trip in Nepal, we would like to give you some tips regarding safari tours in Nepal.

1. Go for a safari tour in Nepal with the local company

The huge benefit of booking a trip with a local company is that you will be safe and you are directly contributing to the national economy. Local companies use local resources, materials, and manpower which is good for the country as well as they are highly skilled. They will organize your tour package according to your interest budget-friendly.

2. Plan properly

As you know, there are many national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal that offer the best safari tours in Nepal. All the national parks and wildlife reserves allow exploring the dense jungle and variety of species of wildlife and birds. Choose any one protected area for your safari tour according to your interest and plan thoroughly.

3. Pack first aid kits and medicines

Jungle safari means you will be walking through the dense jungle of national parks and wildlife reserves of Nepal. Any sudden incident might happen in the deep forest. There is a saying: Prevention is better than cure so it is better to carry first aid kits and medicine that includes bandages, painkillers, headache and fever medicines, and Antibiotics.

4. Don’t forget binoculars and cameras

The national parks and wildlife reserves offer awesome scenic beauty in the deep forests of Nepal. You will get a naturalistic view of different wild animals and birds on your safari trip. Some of the animals might get spotted only from far distances.

Therefore you should carry binoculars to watch the animals at a far distance as well as to watch the Royal Bengal tiger because it is dangerous to go near the tigers. The camera is the most essential thing to capture the pictures as well as the motion of wildlife animals and birds within the national parks and wildlife reserves.

5. Respect the local cultures

As a traveler, you must respect the local cultures, traditions, values, and customs. Respect the local values and enjoy communicating with the local people on the subject you are interested in.

You can also ask questions about the local people if you are interested to know about the local traditions and customs. Nepali people are ready to share their opinions and ideas with you.

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Cost for Safari Tour in Nepal

The cost for a safari tour in Nepal varies from where you are going to accommodate. Staying at a hotel requires a primary cost but chasing luxury accommodation may cost you a little higher. The cost differs on the number of days you stay for your safari tour.

The next thing that needs to take into consideration is the food you consume or that is included in your full board meal of breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. It is always best to find from the operator or guide where you will be staying and what facilities will be offered there.

Generally, the safari tour cost starts from US$ 150 to US$ 200 per person for 1 night 2 days package, US$ 200 to US$ 300 per person for 2 nights 3 days package, and US$ 250 to US$350 for 3 night 4 days package for a safari tour in Nepal.

Accommodation for safari tour in Nepal

The accommodation for a safari tour in Nepal differs according to the place you choose for the safari tour. The protected areas that conduct safari tours offer a good option for Jungle safari resorts. In the resort, you will not be treated as a guest but as a part of the jungle safari family.

Besides, there are plenty of restaurants, hotels, and lodges near the safari tour where you can accommodate in a friendly atmosphere with good service. The accommodation can take place in hotels and lodges or luxurious accommodations according to your budget.

You will be provided with good and standard deluxe rooms with the facilities of wi-fi, Air conditioner, and bathing as well as you can view from the window of your room – the beauty of nature at night. The lodges or hotels will provide you with good quality Nepalese typical food which is very diverse.

Most Popular for Safari Tours in Nepal

Safari tour packages are designed for family vacations, academic tours, and outdoor activities which might be the perfect retreats from your everyday life. You will get to learn many things about plants and animals.

As the tour doesn’t demand any physical fitness, it is feasible for people of all age groups. Jungle Safari offers forest resorts for accommodation and you can enjoy the different cultural activities and traditional and local cuisines in these resorts.

Walking in the serene jungles, while enjoying the chirps of birds and observing the exotic animals is one of the best experiences you can have in life. Popular National Park for Safari Tours in Nepal

Chitwan National Park Safari

The first national park of Nepal and boasting a beautiful setting and abundant wildlife – Chitwan National Park is home to a variety of endangered animals as well. Chitwan national park was established in 1973 and it was enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage sites in 1984.

The national park is a paradise for bird lovers as it has a record for 634 species of birds including the most endangered Bengal florican, great pied hornbill, and many reptiles, amphibians, one-horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, gharial crocodile, and freshwater genetic dolphin. 126 species of fish, 590 species of butterflies, and 47 species of reptiles are found in Chitwan national park.

Safari at the Chitwan national park offers the Elephant back safari or Jeep safari if you are an animal activist. The experience of canoeing with bird watching and elephant breeding center and the walk around the Tharu village and evening culture show is full of rejoicing on your safari tour or exploration at Chitwan national park. The excursion is best to walk around dense jungles by observing different flora and fauna within it and get yourself at the heart of nature.

Bardia National Park Safari

Bardia National Park is the largest national park in the Terai region of Nepal situated between Siwalik Hill and Nepalgunj Surkhet highway. Most of the area of Bardia national park is covered by subtropical forests and the remaining part is grassland and riverine.

The park is home to 839 species of plants and 642 species of animals including one-horned rhinoceros, genetic Dolphin, Elephants, swamp deers, and the Royal Bengal, tiger.

It is a wonderful place for bird watching as the park contains 407 species of birds that include Bengal florican, white-rumped vulture, peafowl, and bar-headed geese.

Bardia national park safari offers adventurous and exotic activities in the dense forest and wilderness of Bardia. The cultural programs, safari activities, bird watching, and adventurous activities like tent camping and rafting in Karnali and Bheri rivers are amazing and enjoyable during your safari at Bardia National Park.

You will be experiencing the Tharu culture, enjoying the exploration of natural wilderness, and being accommodated in the forest resort of the Bardia national park.

Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve safari

Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve is a paradise in the Terai region of eastern Nepal situated in the Sunsari, Saptari, and Udayapur districts. The wildlife reserve was established for the conservation of flora and fauna and nature in 1976 AD. The wildlife reserve is covered with grassland, 6 percent is forest and the remaining is wetlands.

It is rich in biodiversity that provides a habitat for 200 species of fish, 2 species of toad, 6 species of lizard, 5 species of snakes, 11 species of turtle, and some gharial crocodiles.

Besides this, 31 species of mammals like the Asian elephant, hog deer, spotted deer, wild boar, golden jackal, wild water buffalo, Gaur, blue ball, and 485 species of birds that include weathercocks, Indian night Jhar, white-tailed stonechat, and many more beautiful birds can be found on this wildlife reserve.

The Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve is especially for nature lovers who want to explore different types of vegetation, flora, and fauna. It is famous for bird watching as many migratory birds come from Serbia in this region.

You will get a chance to explore amazing regions of Nepal, wildlife rafting in the Sapta Koshi river as well as a jeep safari to explore the whole area of Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve.

Nepal Safari Tour FAQ

Which National Park is Best for Safari in Nepal?

The Chitwan national park is the best safari in Nepal which is an easily accessible jungle park. The guides in the park are very knowledgeable and there are plenty of activities in the area, including a canoe ride in the park.

Endangered animals like gharial crocodiles, one-horned rhinoceros, and the Royal Bengal tiger can be seen during your safari at Chitwan national park.

How many days of safari is enough for Nepal?

Generally, 2 to 5 days are enough for a safari in Nepal. You can visit any interesting safari parks and get the best of the parks within 2 to 5 days. Setting your night at luxury jungle lodges, canoeing, rafting on the rivers, exploring and viewing the dense jungles and endangered animals – all the activities can be done within the given timeframe.

What can you see on a safari tour in Nepal?

Nepal is rich in biodiversity. During your safari tour at the national park, you will see the subtropical forest and various species of endangered flora and fauna can be seen.

You will observe endangered animals like the one-horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, gharial tiger, elephant, genetic dolphins, and endangered birds like the Bengal florican, white-rumped vulture, peafowl, and great pied hornbill as well as you will see the local Tharu culture and traditions of Nepal.

What animals can see on the Nepal Safari tour?

There are lots of national parks and protected areas in Nepal that provide the habitat for wildlife. During the jungle safari tour in Nepal, you will be able to spot the animals like Himalayan Thar, goral, musk deer, serow, one-horned rhinoceros, blackbuck, swamp deer, gharial crocodile, Ganges river dolphin, sloth bear, leopard, snakes like a king cobra and common, and royal Bengal tiger.