Things to do in Lumbini

2022-08-31 | Published By: Bold Himalaya

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, who is also known as the light of Asia. It is an important pilgrimage site with numerous cultures, history, religious, and national values. Lumbini is one of the popular visiting sites for both national and international tourists.
It is around 250km (155miles) from Kathmandu. From the drive, it will take around 7hrs to reach there. The flight will be the easier way to reach Lumbini because it will take just 35mins. Lumbini is one of Nepal's World Heritage Sites, which was listed in 1997 AD. Lumbini has a Buddhist community.

The environment is so clean and fresh over there. There are many places to visit in Lumbini. We can explore many different places and can do different activities in Lumbini. Without any further due, here are the things we can do in Lumbini

Exploring the Monasteries

First, let’s talk about the monasteries of Lumbini which are the major attraction of Lumbini. There are over 14 monasteries in Lumbini. German monastery, Vietnam monastery, Myanmar Golden Monastery, and royal Thai Monastery are some of the most popular monasteries in Lumbini that you can visit. You can see some old monasteries in Lumbini.
You can get a chance to learn ancient stories about Lord Buddha and how he has been known all over the world. Myanmar Golden Monastery It is the oldest structure in the city, which was built in the Burmese style of architecture. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Buddha. Inside the temple, there are three prayer halls and a Lokamani Pula Pagoda. The people who want to immerse themselves in the culture and spiritual vibe without going too far from the center of the Touristic areas of Lumbini can visit Myanmar Golden Monastery.

China Buddhist Monastery The Monastery is built in a pagoda style of architecture and resembles the look of the famous forbidden Chinese city. “Zhong Hua” is another name for this monastery in Chinese. It was billed by the Buddhist Association of China in 2000 to promote Buddhism. There are hundreds and thousands of tourists visiting this monastery to have a view of Chinese culture and art. Visiting the Cambodian Monastery It is an amalgamation of colorful and spiritual forces making it one of the popular monasteries around the region.

The monastery structure is different than other monasteries. It is built in the Angkor Wat style (one of the famous styles) with a Cambodian theme using dragons, and flowers, surrounded by a square railing, and topped off by four 50m green snakes whose tails are interlinked at the corners. This monastery was completely built-in 2018. A huge number of tourist visits the monastery to have a colorful structure and art of Lord Buddha.

Visiting Maya Devi Temple

This temple was built in the name of Queen Maha Maya Devi, mother of Siddhartha Gautama (Lord Buddha). You should not forget to visit the Maya Devi temple because inside of Modern looking temple is all about centuries-old marked stone old Gautama Buddha. You can’t take pictures inside the temple but you can take pictures outside of the temple.
The temple was built with the remains of Buddha’s birthplace. Outside of the temple, you can see the stupa, village building, and the pond where the Maha Maya Devi took bath after giving birth to Siddhartha Gautama. You can also see the Bodhi Tree next to the pond, many prayer flags, and immaculately kept grounds over where you can wander.

Visiting World Peace Pagoda

This pagoda has a golden beautiful statue of Lord Buddha and the outer layer of this pagoda have white in color. It was built by Japanese Buddhist monks with the hope of spreading love and peace among countries all over the world. If you want to enjoy a peaceful environment then you should visit World Peace Pagoda in Lumbini

Visiting the Kapilvastu

This activity will be quite surprising as you will be seeing friendly people. In this place, you will also see the ancient ways of living style and methods of working. Kapilvastu is the hometown of Siddhartha Gautama, where he spends the first 29 years of his life. Visiting the Kapilvastu is one of the best things you can do in Lumbini.

Visiting the Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka Pillar was billed by the great King of India Mauryan King Ashok. He visited Lumbini during the 3rd century BC. The pillar was supported underground by a brick base, which according to Vincent A. Smith had to be of a comparatively more recent date.

Visiting Museum

To see some of the important art and items of ancient Buddhist culture, you can visit the museum. The Lumbini Museum is located in the Cultural Zone and preserves some of the rare and very old Mauryan and Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, terra-cotta fragments, and stone and metal sculptures within the extensive collection of stamps depicting the Lumbini and Buddha.
For research purposes, there is Lumbini International Research Institute which is located on the opposite side of the museum. There is another museum known as Tilaurakot Museum which is just 27 km west of the village of Tilaurakot. This museum holds coins, pottery, and toys dating between the seventh century BC and the fourth century AD. The museum also has a good collection of jewelry and other ornaments of that period. You can have a great experience seeing all those ancient collections while you are in Lumbini.

Meditation Classes

For fresh met and keeping your mind and body rejuvenated, you can join Yoga and Meditation Classes in Lumbini. You will feel outstanding meditating in Lumbini's quiet environment. In this beautiful and scenery-filled country, thousands of Yogis and Rishis had come here to learn the art of attaining wisdom through yoga.
Learning to become physically fitter, emotionally calmer, mentally alert, personally more stable, and building confidence are the main benefits of/merits of Yoga and Meditation. Meditation in Buddhism is like another part of the coin. And for sure in the birthplace of Lord Buddha, you can never say no. To give it a try you can get assisted by Buddhist Monks inside Lumbini premises. You can book a room and cardboard and be a part of the community to experience ultimate peace.

Study Buddhism

If you are interested in how Buddhism started and the culture of Buddhism, then you can learn about Buddhist culture over there. There are many Buddhist universities in Lumbini where all the teachings, rules, and regulations toughed by Buddha can be learned.
You can observe the traditional culture of Buddhism. There is the facility of B.A and M.A in Buddhism in Lumbini. Many visitors take Particular courses about Buddhism. Mostly those people who appreciate the teachings of Buddhism and are very curious about the history of Buddha take the particular course Buddhism.

Testing Foods

It is one of the best things you can do in Lumbini when you are hungry. If you want high-quality Nepalese Terai food then you can visit different cafés and restaurants. There are many big cafés and restaurants near the birthplace of Lord Buddha.
But if you want to try something different then you can taste street food, which is so delicious. There are many street local foods available. Most of the food you will find is vegetarian. Momo, Noodles, Curries, Pakauda, Samosa, Tikiya Chat, and Pani Puri are most common in Lumbini.

Shopping around Lumbini

There are many markets around the Lumbini where you can buy many different beautiful Buddhist items. Some of the handicraft of Lumbini includes flower and fruit baskets, trays, ladies' bags, dry flower pots, etc. made from fiber.
These natural fiber-based handicrafts are made by terai women from villages with full indigenous skills. Similarly, clay sculptures like Pancha Buddha, Lord Buddha, Little Buddha, Maya Devi Temple, and Shakya Muni made from the pure soil of Lumbini are available.