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Trip Facts

No. of days: 1 to 3 days

Difficulty: Moderate

Trip style: Whitewater Rafting

Trip Type: Day rafting or multiple days rafting

Trip Distance: 106 km

River Distance: 15 - 60Km (Approximately)

Starting point: Charaudi (Kathmandu/ Chitwan/ Pokhara)

Ending point: Kurintar/ Simaltar/ Fishling (Kathmandu/ Chitwan/ Pokhara)

Rafting Grades:  Class 2-3

Group Size: 2-12

Best Season: Spring & Autumn



  • Amazing trip for family and beginners
  • Thrilling whitewater experience
  • Adventurous day trip from Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan
  • Beautiful view of Nepalese village, Trishuli river valley
  • Experience aquatic wildlife and vegetation
  • Beautiful river beaches
  • Big, bouncy and relatively safe river
  • Challenging Class 2- 4 rapids
  • Amazing mountain views
  • Both- Day rafting or Multiple days rafting


The Trishuli is one of the leading tributaries of the Narayani river basin in central Nepal. This river is named after the Trisula - trident of Shiva. Trisula is the most powerful god in the Hindu pantheon. The river originates in Tibet as a stream and enters Nepal. Trisuli River is a famous river in Nepal. It is famous for its legendary Himalayas. The river has got some exciting gorge, stirring waves and some easier sections. The Trishuli River has carved some truly amazing gorge in its lower part. Besides that, it cut its way through the 2000m high Mahavarat Range. Further, these gorges are also the route flowed by the main Prithivi Highway. The river being on the opposite side of the road, it is easily accessible from Kathmandu. Besides that, it is easily accessible from Chitwan/Bharatpur and Pokhara. You could experience some wildlife and a profusion of a colorful bird near the Trishuli River.

Nepal bluster’s the most scenic and diverse white-water experience in the world. And there are several big and small rivers in Nepal. Amongst the entire whitewater rafting trip, Trishuli River is one of the most famous whitewater rivers for rafting and kayaking. Rafting and kayaking in Trishuli are suitable for all beginners, mediators, and experts. You just need to be physically fit and fine to do this kind of adventure. Besides that, you will be guided by experienced and professional guides. This river is an excellent river for those who are looking for a short trip. You can enjoy rafting in Trishuli River depending upon your time. The river can be rafted for 1 to 3 days. With the difference in the trip’s day, the rafting distance varies from 15 to 60 km. And among these trips, a classic two-day trip is more famous. Moreover, it can be easily combined with a trek out of Pokhara. The rapids on Trishuli River are mainly big, bouncy and relatively safe. A trained guide will have to navigate the most tumultuous bends and challenging chutes. While rafting in the Trishuli River, you mostly experience Class 3 rapids. And Upset, Ladies’ Delight, Surprise, S Bend, and Pinball are the famous Class 3 Rapids you encounter while rafting. You get enough action and adventure while rafting in this river.

The Trishuli River flows through the forest, alpine meadows, and the deepest gorge and reaches the plains. So, the rafting trip to the Trishuli Rivers offers beautiful scenery and a relatively peaceful environment. Besides that, rafters can enjoy breaks and meals along the stretches of white sandy beaches. Water games and hikes are also part of the adventure along the riverside. Further, the rafter can stop at waterfalls where they can enjoy the swimming and shower in the natural waters flowing down. Simply, the river is for a short blast with amazing nature’s beauty. There are mostly three organized trips for Trisuli River rafting.

1) First is the famous one-day rafting. In one day Trishuli River rafting, you have a morning drive to Charaudi- the put-in point of the trek. You will enjoy a couple of hours of rafting. And at the end of the day, you drive back to Kathmandu.

2) Likewise, Classic two days Trishuli River rating is the most famous rafting trip. Like one day rafting, you will have a scenic drive to the put-in point. You will enjoy the rafting and spend a night there. And the very next day, you spend some time enjoying short rafting and have another scenic drive back to Kathmandu.

3) And in the 3 days Trishuli River rafting, like the entire rafting trip to Trishuli, we have a scenic river along the Prithivi highway to Charaudi. Then we will have a couple of hours of rafting to Kurintar- the first-day take-out point. We spend a night at Kurintar. On the second day, enjoy full day rafting in the Trishuli River. And on the third and last day, we enjoy short rafting to final take-out point. From there, you will have another scenic drive back to Kathmandu.


Trishuli River rafting is not a difficult rafting trip. An experienced and professional guide will be there in every rafting boat. And the guide will all the time give you instructions while paddling and choosing the route. Somehow, the first-timer inexperienced rafter might get scared at some rapids Class 2-3 rapids. But you don’t how to worry about a thing, there will always kayakers around your rafting boat to help you any needs.

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