Why Travel to Nepal and Himalayas

Feb. 25, 2020, 12:11 p.m.
Nepal, the country of Bir Gorkhali is a small country located in South Asia. Nepal is also described as a beautiful country and as the Switzerland of Asia. As Nepal is a landlocked country situated between China and India, Nepal is covered with Snow-white Himalayan mountains and full of incredible natural scenery. Nepal and Himalayas are one of well adventure hub in the world. Nepal contains eight of the world’s ten highest mountains peak making it destination for the adventurous tourist. Within the expanse of about 200 kilometers, the altitude varies from 50m to 8848m. Why Travel to Nepal and Himalayas Nepal and Himalayas As Nepal is a landlocked country, you can travel to Nepal by bus, train up to India border and by flight. Though Nepal contains zero no. of sea and ocean. Nepal has large no. of lakes, rivers, and Himalayan glaciers lake makes Nepal one of the richest countries in water resources. Nepal has a diverse landscape, the best Himalayan Mountains. Nepal is blessed with immense natural wonders that you could not find anywhere in the world. Moreover, anyone can experience ‘Heaven on Earth’ in Nepal and will get constant switch of feeling from rejuvenating. Trekking in Nepal and the mountains tourism is the best in the world. Enjoyable and peaceful to exciting and sentimental. Although Nepal only covers 0.1% of global land but considering the rich natural treasure it has in stock for all, certainly visiting it once is not enough to experience all of it. Natural beauty is the major reason to visit in Nepal, its topography is extremely diverse, from the world’s highest mountain to world deepest gorge i.e. Kali Gandaki Gorge. Nepal occupied 1310 mountains peaks which are higher than 600 meters in the world. Nepal has perpetual rivers and streams originated from a snow-clad mountain. Similarly, peaks, hills, mountain range, gurgling rivers, glaciers, lakes, plains, gorge, forest, etc. can pull the eye and heart of people at least once. Lakes like Rara, Fhewa, and Foksundo, etc. are equally rich in biodiversity. There are over 200 lakes in Nepal with a glacier origin which gives them stunning, vividly blue color. The different beautiful national park and other natural protection area is the next attraction of Nepal. Sagarmatha National Park, the highest national park; Chitwan National Park, a world natural heritage site. Spiny Babbler (Bhyakura) spot Majestic Royal Bengal tigers, sloth bears, crocodiles, leopards. wild elephant, deer, monkeys, as well as 544 species of bird including the rarest bird in the world and one-horned rhinoceros. There are many more pristine national parks and reserve such as Bardia National Park. Annapurna Conservation Area, Shey Phoksundo, Dhorpatan, Makalu Barun, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. National Park, hunting Reserve which too offers excellent wildlife-watching opportunities. You’ll see wild creatures like snow leopard, red pandas, blue sheep, and yaks in the highlands. Nepal geography has brought biological diversity with several pandemic spices found in the country. Nepal provides the charming, laidback ambiance that makes up all the comforts of a developed nation. Anyone can be easily enthralled by the serenity of the countryside, but even relaxation walk around the neighborhood of Thamel in the Kathmandu gives you some breather. Nepal tour is an excellent choice for budget-minded travelers. You can experience the best vacation trip of your life at a reasonable price. Most restaurants, hotels, are reasonably priced and there is a lot of cheap accommodations. You can also enjoy ordinary discount offered by a range of lodge or hotels and several tour operators. Trekking trails are also good for money when comparing them with those of Kilimanjaro or the Inca. Nepal grips more than 125 different ethnic groups and has, in fact, distinct culture and tradition. Exploring places with unique culture and way of life actually is a kind of heavenly bliss. A lot of festivals representing different culture and tradition is celebrated in different ways that you would be really mesmerized by these celebrations. Similarly, because of this diversity of religion and multiculturalism, traveling around different parts of Nepa. and learning about each religion customs is an enlightening experience and shows what a unique place it is to visit. So visiting Nepal will be the best choice, when it comes to experience diversity. Lumbini, the birthplace of Goddess Gautam Buddha known as the founder of peace. Buddha is also the home to monasteries and Buddhist centers built by various countries with strong Buddhist traditions. So visiting the place is like taking an excursion of Buddhist architectural from the world. Likewise, Boudhanath Stupa, distinctive white dome and the golden peak of it is the holiest site for Tibetan Buddhists outside of the Tibet itself. And Swayambhunath Stupa is the most iconic sites on the hill overlooking the city of Kathmandu, are some famous holy sites of Buddhist. Similarly, temples like Pashupatinath temple, Muktinath temple, Manakamana, Gosainkunda, Janakpur. Next Dakshinkali, Dholakha, Barahachhetre and many more are famous holy places of Hindu religion. Thus the land of Himalayans presents a wide range of travel options with its excellent beauty. Massive mountains, breathtaking adventure activities and many more. Whether it’s crossing the country by mountain bike, motorbike. white water rafting the rivers, mountaineering, hitching hot air balloon rides or bungee jumping, you will experience all these ideal adventures here in Nepal. In bonus, there will be a stunning landscape passing you by. It will be the impeccable environment for adrenaline junkies. Trekking in Nepal is one of the most popular travel predilection among explorers all around the world.
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