3 Day Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour
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3 Day Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour

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calender icon Duration 3.0 days
accommodation icon Accommodation hotel and lodge
season icon Best Season Whole Year,
hiking icon Hiking,Sight Seeing 3.0 days
transportation icon Transportation Tourist Vehicle days
altitude icon Max-Altitude 2175.0 m
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3 Day Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour Overview

The Kathmandu Valley is a testament, to the interweaving of history, spirituality, and cultural diversity. Each intricately carved temple and bustling square tells a chapter of Nepal's captivating past. Our 3-day Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing Tour invites you to immerse yourself in this journey, where each day unfolds Nepal's heritage and the tranquility of spiritual havens. From the ambiance of Kathmandu Durbar Square to the heights of Swayambhunath, the mesmerizing wonders of Patan Durbar Square and the breathtaking panoramic views from Nagarkot this designed itinerary promises an enriching exploration of Nepal's cultural gem. Come join us on this odyssey where every step reveals layers of a city that harmoniously blends tradition with modernity and leaves an impression, on your soul.


  • The majority of the places we visit are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Enjoy a picturesque drive to Nagarkot, a hill station renowned for stunning views of the Himalayas.
  • Marvel at the Krishna Mandir, intricate woodwork, and the Patan Museum's rich collection.
  • Witness the living goddess Kumari at Kumari Ghar and the vibrant energy of Kathmandu Durbar Square.
  • Wander through Bhaktapur Durbar to witness exquisite Newari architecture.
  • Visit the ancient Changu Narayan Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu with intricate wood carvings.
  • Ascend to the hilltop Swayambhunath stupa for panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Discover the sacred Pashupatinath, where you can witness rituals and the cremation sites, along the banks of the Bagmati River. 
  • Take a stroll around the Bouddhanatha Stupa, which is known as the stupa, in the world and is beautifully decorated with prayer wheels and vibrant flags.




Begin your adventure, at the Kathmandu Durbar Square, a place that pulsates with the vibrant history of the city. As the morning sun casts a glow on the royal palace, Hanuman Dhoka you'll find yourself wandering through exquisitely carved courtyards and temples. Make sure to visit Kumari Ghar, where the living goddess Kumari resides. The architectural marvels here bear witness to the grandeur of the Malla dynasty displaying woodwork and impeccable craftsmanship.

Pause for a moment to soak in the atmosphere of this square, where locals and tourists come together. Marvel at the Newari architecture. Take in the beauty of Taleju Temple and Nasal Chowk with its remarkable details. This square is, like a living museum that transports you back in time when Kathmandu thrived as a capital.

Start your journey, from Durbar Square. Then make your way up to the spiritual haven of Swayambhunath popularly known as the Monkey Temple. Perched on a hill this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an awe view of the Kathmandu Valley. Climb up the stairs adorned with prayer flags. As you reach the top you'll be greeted by the all-seeing eyes of Buddha and a breathtaking stupa.

Immerse yourself in the culture by joining in on the clockwise kora (circumambulation) alongside residents spinning prayer wheels and embracing the atmosphere. The presence of surrounding monasteries and shrines adds to the ambiance. Take a moment to unwind and soak in the surroundings where gentle breezes carry soothing chants while mischievous monkeys playfully enhance their charm.

Continue your exploration with a visit to Budhanilkantha, an important religious site housing Lord Vishnu in his reclining form, atop a coiled serpent. The colossal stone sculpture mesmerizes visitors with its presence amidst a tranquil setting. Budhanilkantha's serene environment provides a backdrop for an afternoon.

Wrap up your day with a trip, to the Pashupatinath Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site in Nepal that holds the distinguished status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the designs take in the serene atmosphere, along the sacred Bagmati River, and immerse yourself in the lively spiritual rituals taking place. Witnessing the cremation ceremonies serves as a reminder of the cycle of life and death deeply ingrained in Hindu customs and beliefs.


Begin your day by exploring Sanga, a town situated on the outskirts of Kathmandu. In this place, you'll be captivated by the mesmerizing presence of the Shiva statue, in the world. Rising majestically this magnificent sculpture provides a vista of the surroundings. Pause, for a while to admire the craftsmanship and profound spiritual meaning before embarking on the rest of your adventure.

Make your way to Bhaktapur, a captivating city known for its allure and artistic magnificence. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site unveils itself like an open-air museum. Be amazed, by the carved windows, ancient courtyards, and significant landmarks. The Nyatapola Temple is truly a sight to behold, standing tall with its five stories overlooking the square—a masterpiece showcasing Newari craftsmanship. Take a walk through the pottery vibrant streets fully immersing yourself in the vibrant cultural atmosphere.

Afterward make your way, to Changu Narayan, a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is surrounded by greenery. Offers stunning views of the Kathmandu Valley. The Changu Narayan Temple is famous for its wood carvings. Holds great historical significance. Take the time to explore the temple complex, which houses some of Nepal's stone inscriptions providing a glimpse into the country's past.

As the day goes on set off on a drive towards Nagarkot, a hill station known for its mesmerizing views of the Himalayas. On days you can even catch sight of Mount Everest. The winding roads will lead you through landscapes allowing you glimpses of terraced fields and charming traditional villages. Once you arrive at your accommodation, in Nagarkot take some time to relax and look forward to experiencing the sunset and sunrise that lie ahead.


Start your day by exploring the mesmerizing Patan Durbar Square, a display of Newari architecture and cultural legacy. This square is embellished with crafted windows, courtyards, and temples offering a glimpse into the artistic heritage of the Newar community.

Marvel at the landmarks, like the Krishna Mandir, a beautifully crafted stone temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The Mul Chowk and Sundari Chowk with their woodwork and architectural brilliance offer an atmosphere where you can truly immerse yourself in the city's rich past.

Make sure not to miss out on exploring the Patan Museum, a true treasure trove filled with art and precious artifacts. Delving into its collection that spans centuries will provide you with an understanding of the region's history and cultural evolution.

After your exploration of Patan Durbar Square take some leisure time to stroll through its streets visit local cafes or browse for souvenirs. Patan is renowned for its crafts so seize this opportunity to discover items skillfully created by talented local artists.

This relaxed afternoon offers you a chance to reflect on all the historical marvels you've experienced throughout your tour. Whether you choose to unwind in one of the teahouses or venture into hidden alleyways Patan charm is bound to leave an impression, on you.

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Trip Information

Why is this tour ideal for people who are new to exploring Nepal?

The 3-day Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing Tour is a choice, for beginners for reasons;

  • The tour provides a comprehensive introduction to Nepali culture allowing newcomers to get a glimpse of the country's fascinating history diverse traditions and lively heritage.
  • The itinerary is carefully designed to facilitate the exploration of historical sites without the hassle of planning. This ensures a delightful initiation, into Nepal.
  • With the help of guides individuals new, to the area gain valuable insights into the significance of each site's cultural practices and historical context. This enriches their understanding of the places they visit.
  • The tour package includes transportation and accommodations ensuring that newcomers have a stress-free experience as they explore the cultural treasures of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Whether traveling in a group this tour creates a welcoming atmosphere where newcomers can socialize share their experiences and build connections, with travelers.
  • The tour has been carefully designed to prioritize safety and structure. Newcomers can explore Nepal with confidence knowing that experienced professionals will guide them every step of the way.

Transportation arrangement

During the tour of the Kathmandu Valley, we make sure to choose a tourist vehicle that will enhance your travel experience. Our goal is to provide you with a driver who understands all the intricacies of the region. They will guide you through the city and its surrounding areas ensuring your safety and making sure your exploration is seamless. This private mode of transportation offers comfort allowing for a journey, for you and your companions. Moreover, the air conditioning, in the vehicle guarantees an environment creating an atmosphere as you explore the rich cultural tapestry of the Kathmandu Valley.

Cultural Etiquette to Follow

When visiting cultural and religious sites in Kathmandu Valley, it's essential to respect local customs and etiquette. Here are some etiquettes to keep in mind:

  • Wear modest clothing that covers your body, especially when visiting temples and religious sites.
  • Before entering temples and certain sacred areas, it's customary to remove your shoes. Pay attention to local cues and signage.
  • Keep noise levels low and avoid disturbing worshippers or ceremonies at religious sites.
  • Always ask for permission before taking photographs, especially of people or during religious ceremonies.
  • When circumambulating stupas or other religious structures, follow the clockwise direction as a sign of respect.
  • Be mindful of local customs and traditions. If unsure, observe and follow the lead of locals.
  • Public displays of affection may be considered inappropriate in certain cultural contexts. Maintain a level of decorum.
  • When making offerings or receiving items from others, use your right hand or both hands. The left hand is traditionally considered impolite.
  • In some places, entry may be restricted or require permission. Check for any notices or ask for guidance from local authorities.
  • Maintain a respectful silence in designated prayer areas or meditation spaces.



In Kathmandu, you'll be staying at a hotel situated in a location. This hotel offers access, to attractions such as Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Budhanilkantha, and Pashupatinath. We've chosen this accommodation for its comfort and its proximity to the heart of the city. The appointed rooms are equipped with amenities to ensure a relaxing stay. You'll have your bathroom for privacy and convenience complete with hot water facilities. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity is available for guests to stay connected. Many of the accommodations feature decor allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the ambiance.

In Nagarkot, known for its views of sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas we have selected a chosen hotel for your stay. This accommodation not only provides comfort but also offers a serene setting, amidst nature where you can unwind after a day of exploration. The rooms often come with balconies that allow you to enjoy the vistas during sunrise and sunset. As Nagarkot can get cooler in the evenings some accommodations may provide heating facilities to ensure comfort.


Frequently Asked Question

Absolutely! Our tours are designed to be family-friendly. While some attractions may have stairs or uneven terrain we've taken care to create an itinerary that includes historical experiences that families, with children, can enjoy.

Certainly! Just let us know about any restrictions or preferences ahead of time. We'll make every effort to cater to them when it comes to meals.

You have flexibility throughout the year when it comes to scheduling your tour.

Absolutely! We can personalize aspects of the tour based on your desires. This includes adjusting the duration modifying the itinerary or even incorporating activities. Please get in touch with us so we can arrange a customized experience for you.

Certainly! The itinerary allows for leisure time giving you the opportunity to venture out independently go shopping for souvenirs or simply unwind and soak in the atmosphere.

You can expect hotels, with central locations. The specifics about accommodations is outlined in the tour package. If you prefer any upgrades they can be arranged upon request.

Absolutely! This tour is designed to provide an environment that's friendly for solo travelers. It's a way to join a group and connect with like-minded individuals while enjoying the experience.

Yes, each tour is accompanied by guides who are fluent in English. They will offer insights, about the history, culture, and significance of each site we visit.

During the tour, we arrange transportation in tourist vehicles to ensure convenient travel between the various locations.

Absolutely! Our itinerary includes visits to markets and areas where you can explore and shop for handicrafts, souvenirs, and cultural artifacts.

Yes, most of the sites included in our tour, such as Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, and Patan Durbar Square have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To book the tour you can either visit our website or get in touch with our customer service. We will assist you throughout the booking process.


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