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 -   Scenic drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara

 -   Thrilling fight from and to Jomsom 

 -   Explore the Himalayan Kingdom, Lo-Manthang- the capital of Mustang kingdom

 -   Ancient and isolated villages 

 -   Amazing caves high up in cliffs

 -   Mystic landscapes having low vegetation

 -   The view of the Tibetan Plateau

 -   Breathtaking panorama of Annapurna range, Muktinath Himal and many more 

 -   Buddhist culture & many monasteries 

 -   Cross many high passes above 4000m

 -   Beautiful dry and desert landscape 

 -   Famous Damodar Kunda lake 

 -   The pilgrimage site of Muktinath 

 -   Beautiful prayer flags, Mani walls, Chorten on the way



Damodar Kunda Lake is a holy land situated on the eastern edge of Mustang district, Nepal. It is famous for both Hindu and Buddhist religions. It is in the high Himalayan range at 4,890m altitude. It's a remote area close to the Nepal Tibet border. Additionally, this lake has its own history in the column of Barah Puran. As Lord Krishna has said that who pays a visit to this Kunda and takes a deep bath, will get discharged from all the sin. So, pilgrims believe that a bath in Damodar Kunda takes away all sins done. And try to reach Damodar Kunda lake once in a lifetime to take a holy bath in the lake. Damodar Kunda is a restricted area of the Nepal government in the Upper Mustang. So, you need a special permit while trekking in this region.

Damodar Kunda Trek is a less frequented restricted trekking routed in the Mustang region. The main destination of the Damodar Kunda trek is Damodar Kunda Lake itself. There are many of the popular destinations we visit and pass through during this trek. This trek offers amazing panoramic views of the Himalayas, mountains. Annapurna range, lush valleys, beautiful landscapes, Tibetan monasteries are mesmerizing during this trek. Also, Damodar Himal to the north is visible to the south. Damodar Himal is a mountain range, it includes many mountains. Muktinath, Bhrikuti Peak, Chuungain Chanma, Mustang, Arniko Chuli, and many others are mountains. And every year there is a big festival during the full moon. So, the festival time can also be great for Damodar Kunda's visit. Lying at a high altitude, Damodar Kunda carries amazing natural beauty. And most of the part of Damodar Kunda trekking lies in the rain shadow area. While trekking to Damodar Kunda, you experience a unique barren landscape.

The trek to Damodar Kunda continues the Upper Mustang route till Tsarang. From Tsarang, the trek continues to Damodar Kunda via Yara village. Also, you have to know that Yara is the last village direction of Damodar Kunda. And you have a camp for five days, which makes this trek more adventurous. So, you get to explore the Lo-Manthang, also known as the Last Forbidden Kingdom. You will have a thrilling and unforgettable lifetime experience while trekking. As the desolated beauty of the upper Mustang is wonderful. This region has unspoiled and traditional cultural practices. And after Damodar Kunda, you visit another sacred site, Muktinath.  The temple is considered to be a Shakti Peetha for a Yatra. Further, there is a 108 bull face in the temple through which water is poured. And the devotees take their sacred baths even in freezing temperatures. Likewise, we pass through many villages, which have their own specialty.

Ancient monasteries, holy temples, synthesis culture of Nepalese and Tibetan. These are the major attraction of Damodar Kunda trek. You have the most beautiful scenery while trekking. Further, the cave-like settlement and Tibetan Buddhist cultural preservation are distinct. Likewise, you experience low vegetation too. So, while trekking to Damodar Kunda you encounter diverse flora and fauna. And gives you a glimpse of many diverse wildlife and birds.


Welcome to Nepal. Upon your arrival, you can see our representative waiting for you. After greeting, we will transfer you to your desired hotel. You can have a rest for some time. Later we will brief you about your program and help in preparation. You will also have introduced to your trekking guide. In the evening, you can wander around the Thamel area or visit the Pashupati temple for night Arati. Overnight at Kathmandu

You will have an early morning breakfast at your hotel. Then our guide will pick you up from your hotel room and drop you at the tourist bus station. From the station, we set off for Pokhara via Prithivi highway. You will have a scenic drive along the famous rafting river, Trishuli river. On the way, you have beautiful scenery in the Nepalese countryside. Enjoying the view of green hills, rivers, the farm you pass several beautiful villages. And after around 7 hours drive you reach Pokhara. On reaching Pokhara, you will have lunch then rest

Pokhara is a famous tourist destination also known as the city of the lake Pokhara offers magnificent views of various mountains. Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu are wonderful from here. Later, you can explore some places in Pokhara. Overnight at Pokhara.

After a beautiful night in Pokhara, today we will have a scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. After breakfast, we will have a morning flight to Jomsom. The flight to and from Jomsom is always in the morning. It's an incredible morning flight. It offers a close-up view of Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna range. Additionally, you will have an amazing view of the Kaligandaki valley. And around 25 mins scenic flight, you land at the district headquarter of Mustang, Jomsom. From where our Damodar Kunda trek starts

From Jomsom, our trail goes along the Kaligandaki River. We pass the Jomsom main village and walk on the wide bank of Kaligandaki. Continue trekking you witness a short glimpse of Mt. Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri Himal and reach Eklebhatti. Moving ahead we first ascend and later walk on a level trail leading us to Kagbeni village. Overnight at Kagbeni.

Leaving Kagbeni, we follow the trail that goes up toward the east bank of the Kaligandaki. Then we climb over many ridges heading towards north. And we reach Tangbe village. It is a whitewashed house, fields of buckwheat, barley, wheat & apple orchards tangle of narrow alleys. And the Nilgiri peaks continue to loom at the foot of the valley. From Tangbe, we move toward Chhusang Village, crossing the river. Now, we climb up the north trail to a huge red chunk of the conglomerate. Fallen from the cliff above forming a tunnel through which the Kaligandaki follows. The trail then leaves the Kaligandaki valley and we have a steep climb over the rocky gully leading us to Chele. Overnight at Chele

After breakfast in Chele, we continue our trek to Gheling. Today, we climb steep, treeless, waterless terrain. Along the side of the amazing steep canyon and cairn of rock. We then make a long descent to some shortens on a ridge. The trail descent further on a pleasant trail to Samar. Now, you can witness the Annapurna dominated by Nilgiri far to the south. From Samar, we climb above a ridge first then descend into a large gorge. After that trail goes into another valley field and crosses a stream and ridge at 3,800m. Then we pass over a series of high with sharp up and down. And finally, descend to Gheling. There are two ancient monasteries and big huge Chortens in Gheling. So we can visit these monasteries after reaching or before leaving tomorrow. Overnight at Gheling

Before continuing our trek, we will visit the Old Palace and Ancient Monastery in Tsarang. It is also said that Tibetan Buddhism in Upper Mustang flourished from this Monastery. After the visit, we continue our trek to Lo Manthang. We begin with the descend to the gorge of the Tsarang Khola. We made a big traverse upstream and cross an iron bridge over the river on the way. From the gorge, we ascend on the rocky gully and enter the valley. Here, the dirt turns north and climbs to a large isolated Chortens. It marks the boundary between Tsarang and Lo-Manthang. Now, you can see the road crosses a stream and becomes a wide thoroughfare traveling. Moreover, it looks like a desert-like landscape painted in every hue of grey and yellow. And we have a first view of the walled city of Lo-Manthang with prayer flags flapping in the wind, as we arrive in Lo-La. Finally, we climb up onto the plateau of Lo-Manthang. Our trail passes through a short dusty trail, crossing a stream by a wooden bridge. We also cross an irrigation canal at the southern wall of the city of Lo-Manthang. Overnight at Lo-Manthang

It’s the second day in Lo Manthang, a walled town of the remote Upper Mustang region of Nepal. Lo-Manthang is the main trading route of Lhasa. Today, you get to explore the eastern valley of Lo-Manthang, the site of Garphu and Nyaphu Gompas. We visit the scenic Monastery situated inside the Cliff and Cave with many rooms. And you can also explore the Tingkhar village. It is a village on the east edge of Nepal which can be a perfect escape from Lo. You can also explore King’s palace, it is a very unique building, which is more than seven hundred years old. Overnight at Lo-Manthang

After well spend days in Lo-Manthang, today, and start hiking to Yara. Leaving Lo-Manthang, we ascend to Day-La, following the dusty trail. We continue trekking through the left trail skipping trail to reach Tsarang. We then climb on the ridge viewing the scenic landscape leading to a small pass. After that, we have a steep and dusty descent in the narrow path. Now, we again come across the wide plateau. From here, we descend over the rocky gully and knee crunching trail and reach Dhi village. Then we cross the Kaligandaki river by a suspension bridge and make a short steep climb. Following the trail along with the upstream of Puyung Khola. We have breathtaking views of landscapes and innumerable caves on the stone walls on the way. And finally, we reach Yara village. Overnight at Yara village

We will have breakfast in Yara and leave for Ghuma Thanti. We will also prepare a packed lunch before leaving. As there are no appropriate cooking possibilities on today’s trek. From Yara, we climb up to reach Luri Cave Monastery. We will visit this interesting Cave Monastery. Finishing the visit, we follow the barren valley after crossing 5,100m pass. After the high pass, the trail goes down to Ghuma Thanti. Overnight at Ghuma Thanti

Today, we are heading toward the main destination of Damodar Kunda Trek. Like yesterday, we will have breakfast and pack some lunch. After breakfast, we continue our trek with an up and down the trail. Continuing the trek, we come across another 5,600m pass. After crossing the pass, we reach our final destination. The feeling reaching the High Altitude Damodar Kunda, you can't even express. Overnight at Damodar Kunda

Most waited the day of our Damodar Kunda Trek. Today, we are exploring the Damodar Kunda and spend another day here. Damodar Kund is one of the sacred lakes for Hindu beliefs. You can see the devotees taking a holy dip in the sacred bathing tank. The water of the lake has the properties of dissolving the bones. We will explore the Damodar Hari temple and other places. Overnight at Damodar Kunda

With the wonderful morning, we will have breakfast in Damodar Kunda. Leaving Damodar Kunda, we trek back the same route as before. So, we again pass the same 5,600m pass, with ups and downs. And we reach Ghuma Thanti for the night. Overnight at Ghuma Thanti

We continue retracing the same trail as before. Today, the trail continues downhill until we reach Yara village. Overnight at Yara

Today, we are following another and a little bit difficult trail. We are going to follow along the trail so we are starting our trek in the early morning. Leaving Yara, we have a steep down to Dechhyang Khola. This lake is origin from Damodar Kunda. From here, we have a steep ascend which leads us to the top of the pass. After the pass, the trail goes up and down. Then crossing a huge plateau, we reach to Tangye village. Here, you can see several big Chortens. Overnight at Tangye

It's another long day trek. From Tyange, we start our early morning walk down to the river. We cross the suspension bridge and follow the short river route. After crossing we come across a small pass. You can see the first stunning view of Dhaulagiri to the south from the pass. Then half & hour from the pass is the only water source on this section, known as Paha. After lunch, we continue our walk. You have a view of the impressive V-shaped Kali Gandaki valley. It cuts between the Annapurna, Nilgiris, and Dhaulagiri. Finally, the path flattens out on a plateau and splits in two. On the right and left, choosing the right we descend to Tetang encountering strong winds. Overnight at Tetang

After breakfast in the morning, we continue our trek to another scary destination. Passing the scenic mani walls, we follow the trail through the village. We then climb up to the wide valley and walk on the plateau. After that, we trail keep ascending until we reach a small pass. From the pass, we have a beautiful view of the mountain and a picturesque view of Muktinath. Now, the trail drops down to the small stream and we cross a suspension bridge. After entering the village of Chhyongar that, following the level trail. And we finally reach Muktinath passing gate. We will explore the place in the evening. You can visit the sacred place of Hindus and Buddhists, the Muktinath temple. You can visit the temple tomorrow morning too. You can also visit the Buddhist monastery below the temple. And have an amazing view of Nilgiri Himal and Dhaulagiri I. Overnight at Muktinath

Today, you will have an early morning visit to Muktinath Temple. After the visit, we leave the village and drop down at Jharkot village. Here you can visit the ancient Sakyamuni Buddhist Monastery and Traditional Medical Center. We then follow the dusty road trail for a while. After choosing a short cut we reach Eklebhatti. We again follow the dusty and strong wind road level trail along the Kaligandaki River. And finally, reach Jomsom. Overnight at Jomsom

We will have an early morning breakfast in Jomsom. After breakfast, we have a scenic flight back to Pokhara. It’s a thrilling flight with a fantastic view of the mountains. Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Annapurna South, Annapurna I, and Fishtail are amazing. On reaching Pokhara, we will transfer you to the hotel. After some rest, you can wander around Pokhara. Overnight at Pokhara

After a delicious breakfast in Pokhara, we will have a scenic drive to Kathmandu. As before, we have around 7 hours drive via Prithivi highway. We have beautiful scenery of hillsides, waterfalls, rivers. Before, there was an excitement of the trip while driving Pokhara. And leaving Pokhara, you will feel the happiness of completing the trek. After reaching Pokhara, we will drop you at your hotel. You can have some rest in the afternoon. Later, in the evening you will have a cultural farewell dinner with Bold Himalaya. Overnight at Kathmandu.

After the completion of the trip, today you are leaving for your home town. Our representative will drop you at the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight

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