Pokhara to Muktinath to Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour

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· 15+ years of Industry Experience

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Based on Cost, Duration, & Group

Situated high up in the rain-shadow of the Himalayas north of the famous Annapurna range of the upper Mustang region, Damodar Kunda is a famous holy lake for the Hindu religion. Many Hindus around the world are dreams to takes a holy bath at least once in their lifetime in this sacred Damodar Kunda. As it is mentioned in Baraha Puran, Lord Krishna has told the person who visits and take bath in Damodar Kunda will be free from any kinds of sins of life. And in the Hindu mythology, the lake is considered as the head of the Lord Vishnu and Muktinath as his mouth. So, for those people who have a high desire to visit the Damodar Kunda via holy place Muktinath without physical difficulties in limited time, Damodar Kunda Helicopter tour is the best option. It is the most luxurious way to reach this holy site. 

Likewise, another mythical story says that two sons of Kuber were released from sins and suffering after dipping into the lake. So, the importance of a visit to this sacred cannot not only describe in words.  At the elevation of 4,890 meters, Damodar Kunda is a very beautiful, cold and windy place. Damodar Kunda offers spectacular views of mountains. Besides that, a higher than the lakes, just a short up some of the hills, you can see the Tibetan plateau. Further, you see Damodar Himal to the north and the massive Annapurna Himalayas to the south. The Tibetan plateau and Damodar Himal with 65 peaks in the Himalayan range are astounding. 

Pokhara to Damodar Kunda Heli tour commence form the domestic airport in Pokhara. With the take-off you have an amazing aerial view of Pokhara valley and its lakes, temples and many more. Then, enjoying the bird’s eyes views of Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri range we enter the rain shadow Mustang. You will have an amazing view of the Mustang region (Himalayan desert) region. After flying over the beautiful villages of Annapurna region, Helicopter first lands on Muktinath. 

Muktinath, at an altitude of 3,800m is a famous pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhist peoples. Muktinath valley lies at the foot of Thorong-La pass of Annapurna Himalayas. Muktinath temple is one of the high place temples in the world. Muktinath is known as Mukti Kshetra meaning the ‘the place of liberation’ in Hinduism. Muktinath temple is one of the most ancient temples of God Vishnu and the Vaishnava tradition in Nepal. This small temple contains a human-sized golden statue of Vishnu as Shri Mukti Narayana. Besides that, behind the temple there are 108 holy spouts called Muktidhara and Mukti Kunda. Thousands of devotees visit this place and take bath in this 108 Muktidhara and deep in Mukti Kunda for the salivation. 

After a wonderful visit to the god of Salivation in Muktinath, our journey resumes to Damodar Kunda. Damodar Kunda is the holiest pond situated in Upper Mustang Nepal. Damodar Kunda is believed to be the main source of Kaligandaki River. Besides that, it is also a good source of Shaligram (symbol of the God Vishnu). Dip into this icy cold lake to get rid of all our sins for a lifetime with the hopes that we will not commit anymore sins again. Complete the pooja and enjoy the moment. Here you can also enjoy amazing natural landscapes and panoramic views of the Himalayan range.   

Damodar Helicopter tour is an easiest, luxurious and comfortable way to visit this sacred lake. It is little difficult to trek to the trek, Damodar Kunda. Besides that, Damodar Lake is at high altitude, so you may suffer altitude sickness while trekking. To remove the difficulties of high altitude and trekking, Damodar Heli tour is designed.  You can fly to the Kunda and fly back to Pokhara the same. Thus, spending limited time to the high altitude decreases the change of altitude sickness and we have a limited time in Damodar Kunda during this tour. So, anybody with the time and physical constraint chooses this beautiful trip and enjoy most beautiful Heli ride to Damodar Kunda.  


         Luxurious and thrilling helicopter ride to Damodar Kunda 
Aerial view of Pokhara valley and Annapurna region 
Bird’s eye view of Langtang and Mansiri range 
Visit holy pilgrimage site of Hindus and Buddhist, Muktinath 
Enjoy a very different culture and tradition of the Mustang region 
Amazing view of mountain, peaks and landscapes 
Beautiful views of remote villagers and valleys 
Holy bath in Muktinath and Damodar Kunda


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