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Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek 



  ü   Stunning views of Mountains

  ü   Encountering and conquering with high passes

  ü   Largest national park, Shey Phoksundo National Park

  ü   Deepest Lake, Phoksundo Lake

  ü   Explore the ancient Himalayan Kingdom

  ü   Lo Manthang

  ü   Bon region, unique culture and traditions


Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek is one of the most beautiful mountain tours in Nepal. It takes you to two remote areas. It gives you the true wilderness along the nature trails with a wide variety of cultures and traditions. Both Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang are the lost territories of highland Nepal, where Bon and Tibetan Buddhism prospered side and side.

Dolpo is one of the highest inhabited domains on the planet. It is still a stronghold of the pre-Buddhist, shamanistic Bon-Po religion as well as Tibetan Buddhism. Upper Dolpo simulates the mysterious and spiritual aura in the hidden valleys of western Nepal. It is a tough, mountainous region of fortified villages, ‘Dzong’, turquoise lakes. Moreover, sacred mountains & high passes, susceptible to heavy snows that isolate it from neighboring regions for much of the year. Upper Dolpo is located beyond the Dhaulagiri Himalayas rain shadow area. It is also one of the most remote and isolated areas of Nepal. It is also a home of herbal land, unspoiled trans-Himalayan culture. Including the Buddhist monuments and unique human civilization at high altitude. Most of the villages in Upper Dolpo are 4,300m and above. Some parts of Shey Phoksundo National Park lie in the Dolpo region. It is home to over 197 species of birds and 32 species of mammals.

Mustang refers to fertile land in the Tibetan language. It was once the capital of the prosperous kingdom Lo Manthang. It is now an isolated and unharmed region posing the most unique cultures in the world and beauty second to none. It is in Lo Manthang where the famous 3-day Tiji Festival is held every May and June. The Jhong Cave (sky caves), which has five stories and 144 rooms, housed priceless wall painting, centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist doctrine books and human remains, is also in Mustang. Besides that, Mustang is a dry region. It receives very little rainfall with very little vegetation. Some places in this region are almost like dessert with artistic monasteries with lots of fluttering prayers flags. Lots of cultures here is influenced by Tibetan Buddhist culture. And the people here are known as Lobas or call themselves the descendant of Tibet.

Dolpo Mustang trek is the classic combination of two regions Dolpo and Mustang. Each of them owns very identical characteristics. It’s a demanding area. Yet people have lived there for centuries, working what little fertile land by planting potatoes and barley, trading goods along ancient salt trails and being self-sufficient. It is a special trek for those who are interested in fascinating anthropology, stunning scenery & mountain wildlife. Dolpo-Mustang trek crosses more than eleven mountains, seven of them higher than 5,000 m. This trek takes us over nine passes, including a pass over. So, you will observe different rain shadow landscapes with stunning mountain views. Likewise, you get a glimpse of wildflower, Himalayan blue sheep, snow leopards, and huge birds Himalayan griffon. Moreover, you get to witness the cultural difference of the people of different regions, had centuries ago. We travel in the restricted area of the region from Shey to Lo Manthang. So you need to have a special permit on this route.

Dolpo mustang trek is a perfect trek for those who have a taste for adventure and the necessary time and fitness level. 


Enjoying the beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, you arrive in Kathmandu. Our representative will meet you at the airport and help you check into your hotel. You will be brief about your trek to Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang trekking and prepared well. Overnight at Kathmandu hotel.

After breakfast, we fly to Nepalgunj from the domestic airport. We will reach Nepalgunj after an hour of a scenic flight. Nepalgunj is very close to the Indian border and Bardia National Park. Overnight stay at the hotel.

After spending a night at Nepalgunj, we take an early morning flight to Juphal.  Over the Himalayan foothills, with views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri peaks to the north, we reach Juphal after about 45 minutes. From Juphal our adventure begins with an hour downhill walking through the village below the airstrip. Then the trail leads through the terraced fields to the Bheri River. Following the upstream of the Bheri river along the traffic road crossing Bheri river, we enter the Phoksundo River valley. Then you walk to Sulighat. Overnight at Sulighat. 

Today, our trek follows the trail beside the Phoksundo River till Kageni. The landscapes in the vicinity begin to change and we trek through the lush tropical forest. The trail frequently emerges at isolate mid-hill village-like Jutung and arrives at Shangta. As the trek goes further, we cross the bridge twice and begin to head north towards Chhepka. Finally, we arrive at Chhepka, trekking upstream along the trail beside Phoksundo Khola for a while. Overnight in tented camps.

Today, we trek in the opposite direction of the river flowing to Amchi Hospital and cross the bridge over Phoksundo Khola twice. Trekking along the amazing peaceful region we approach closer to Kharka, then the trail goes high above Phoksundo Khola to Rechi (3,011m), we again hike along the riverside trail to Sulligad Dovan, crossing Phoksundo Khola and Yulung Khola to Chunuwar. Overnight in tented camps.

Climbing through a forest of big cedars on to Palam (3,710m), there is the entrance station for the Shey Phoksundo National Park in the south ends of the village. The route switchbacks steeply on a sandy trail through the open country then start-up even steeper gaining over 400meters ridge at 3,730m and just before the ridge, prayer flags mark a choose up view of the spectacular highest waterfall (200m) in Nepal. Our route continues to Ringmo village and just below Ringmo we cross a bridge and follow the trail to Phoksundo Lake. Overnight tented camp at the national park camping grounds west.

Today, we will explore Ringmo village and several Gompas. And have a magnificent view of Phoksundo lake walking around the lake and also explore the wonderful natural sites and enjoy our nature tour and exploring a day in Phoksundo. 

After spending a day at Phoksundo, today is probably one of the best trekking days of Dolpo-Mustang trek. The fascinating trail brings us to another side of Phoksundo Lake. We slide down for ninety minutes along the forest to get to the Phoksundo Khola camp on another side of the lake. Finally, today’s trek slides up to the beautiful campsite at Sallaghari. Overnight in the camp between the beautiful pine forest. 

From Sallaghari we head for the base camp of Kang-la also known as Nangdalo. We ascend to the narrow defile of Tuk Kyaksa River first then trail switches to the opposite side of the river several times and we arrive at the place where rapids of the river are calmer. We further walk across the wide valley along the canyon to campsite and final to the massive rock slab, which is Kang-la High Camp. Overnight at the campsite.

Today, we are entering the real Dolpo crossing the Kang-la pass. From Kang-la, Crystal Mountain, the mountain in Tibetan territory and the fascinating landscape of Dolpo is seen. Before descending steeply down to the valley floor and along the river, we also have a view of peaks Shey Shikkar and Kang Chunne, both just over 6,000 meters. We trek to the fabled Shey Gompa. A red Chorten marks the entrance to Shey. Overnight at tented camp

After exploring Shey Gompa in the morning we begin our trek to Namgong Gompa. We follow the trail beside Sephu Khola and begin to climb toward the top of Shey La Pass. The magnificent view of Mustang to the East, Tibet to the North and Kanjiroba, Kagmara and Riu Dhukta or the Crystal Mountain to the West, is rewarded from the peak of Shey la pass. And finally, two hours walk downhill from Sela La (5,095m), we reach to Namgong. Overnight at Namgong

Today, we trek toward the beautiful valley behind Saldang, Marang. Gradual trail with little ups and downs, passing through Karang and Sibuk and some other interesting village, with similar elevation level we reach Marang. Overnight at Marang.


From Marang, today we head toward Dora Simna. We will be descending slightly down toward lower elevation i.e. we will lose the elevation of 680m. We pass through the famous Sungjer Gompa. And there is a place named Luri Gau similar to Upper Mustang in Dolpo. We arrive at Dora Simna passing through Luri Gau on the way. Overnight at Dora Simna.

After breakfast, we head toward Mishagaon. The first part of the trail leads us toward the Yangjer Gompa, it is a very old Bon-Po monastery and one of the wealthiest among the monasteries in Dolpo. The trail passing through a terraced field, stupas, Chortens, and monasteries, we walk by past Namdo villages a prosperous one in the region to reach Mishagaon. Overnight at tented camp.

The landscapes in the vicinity are full of the highland desert with few shrubs like vegetation. The trail steeps up to the top of the Musi La Pass at 5,030m and descends to Shimengaon, at the elevation of 3,850m. We will camp close to Shimengaon, the place named Chanpola Goth.

Today we will walk towards the beautiful village of Tinje. The trail goes by the side of Panjang Khola. Walking through very rocky uphill and downhill we reach Tinje after about seven hours hiking. The village is located in the valley with a big spread landmass, which is observable for its scenic beauty and tradition. Overnight at tented camp

Today’s trail is mostly uphill through gentle. We will gain around 400m elevation on the way. Passing the runway of the mysterious Tinje Airport, we continue southwards to the campsite on the bank of the river at Rakpa. Overnight at Rakpa

From Rakpa we start a long climb to the Chharka La, the first few hours of trek will be a gradual uphill and we reach the highest point of Charka pass. Then we descend along the side of the valley and a long traverse down to the village of Chharka on the bank of Barbung Khola. Overnight at Chharka

Today, we will be heading very close to the territory of The Last Forbidden Kingdom of Lo. Following some up and down we reach to Tulsi Khola. Tulsi Khola has a great significance in Hindu Culture. Overnight tented camp next Tulsi Riverbank. 

After having breakfast in the morning we will start hiking from Tulsi Khola to Nakhkem Khola. We trek almost flat to Nakhkem Khola. Overnight at tented camps.

From Nakhem Khola, we will start ascending toward Kharka enjoying the beautiful view of mountain ranges and lakes. We can have the incredible view of Dhaulagiri Himalayan Ranges and few lakes from Kharka. And it’s a final night in the Dolpo region. Overnight in camp.

From today we will be heading toward Upper Mustang. After early morning breakfast, we will start trekking through quite a difficult way. We must be very careful and should concentrate on every footstep. The spectacular view of the mountain ranges and the surrounding area can be seen. The unique terrain of Upper Mustang from the top of the Ghami Pass can be enjoyed. Overnight in Ghami Phedi. 

Today, we will be crossing the Ghami River several times on the way to Ghami. Rising and going down along the way we reach Ghami. Ghami is the beautiful settlement of people, where people are influenced by the Tibetan cultures and traditions. Overnight in local lodge.

From Ghami we trek to Marang, its name is similar to the Marang in the Dolpo region. Marang is the small village on the right of Tsarang. Tsarang (Charang) has been probably the most beautiful village in Mustang. Overnight at Marang. 

After having breakfast, we begin our trek. We will be descending to a canyon and crossing a river before beginning our uphill trek to Lo La pass(3,950m). we can admire the beautiful Lo Manthang village from the top of the pass. Now, we descend to Lo Manthang, a beautiful walled village. The views of the Himalayan including Nilgiri, Tilicho and Annapurna1, Bhrikuti Peak as well as Damodar Kunda (pond) is quite good from here. Overnight in Lo Manthang.


It’s the second day in Lo Manthang, a walled town of the remote Upper Mustang region of Nepal. Today we are touring three major gompas of the town namely Jhampa, Thupchen, and Chhoeda. And we will be also exploring the Tingkhar village. It is a village on the east edge of Nepal which can be the perfect escape from Lo. You can also explore King’s palace, it is a very unique building, which is more than seven hundred years old. Overnight in lodge.

After spending two nights in the beautiful Lo Manthang, we will start hiking for Yara Gaon. From here trail steadily climbs two small passes, then we will be tumbling through an outstanding gorge to Dhi village. And continuous walk along the riverbed, from Dhi we reach Yara Gaon. Overnight at Yara Gaon.

Today we are heading toward Tetang, which will be a comparatively quiet long trail, with some steeper parts. We will reach a riverbank after a long walk. This river is originated from Damodar Kunda where we will see some black fossils. From there we will continue walking some up and down and reach the village Tetang. There are several Chortens which gives us a warm welcome. Overnight in Tetang. 

From Tyange we start walking down to the river crossing then climb up to a pass Pa (4,100). As the panorama unfolds between Tsarang, Lo, and the northern border, the views north are increasingly fantastic. Then the summit of the pass reaches 4,050m where we can see the first stunning view of Dhaulagiri to the south. Then half & hour from the pass is the only water source on this section, locally known as Ba Ha. Continuing walk from there we can see the impressive V-shaped Kali Gandaki valley as it cuts between the Annapurnas, Nilgiris, and Dhaulagiri. Finally, the path flattens out on a plateau and splits in two, right and left and choosing the right one we reach Chhusang. Overnight at Chhusang. 

From Chhusang, the trail goes up the Narsing chu to the village Tetang, which is in two parts. From Tetang trail heads up across a plateau area. Then it turns east into a narrow river valley. On reaching a pass at 4,030m, we have the superb view of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges. We walk down to Jhong and cross the Jhong River before climbing up to Muktinath and finally ascending for some hours we reach Muktinath. Overnight in Lodge.

Today is the last day of the trek so before starting the trek, we will visit the most famous Hindu temple Muktinath. Muktinath is a holy place for all the devotees. The local name of Muktinath is Chhumig Gyatsa (a hundred water spring). This place reflects a unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism. Later, continuing the trek toward Jomsom, first, we start descending towards Kagbeni while passing through the field. And after some walk from Kagbeni, we reach Jomsom. Overnight at Jomsom

After having early morning breakfast, we head toward the airport and catch the flight to Pokhara. Enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains, we arrive at Pokhara after 30 minutes. On arriving Pokhara we will have lunch and after some rest, we take another flight to Kathmandu. Overnight in Kathmandu Hotel. 

It’s a final day of your Upper Mustang & Upper Dolpo trek with Bold Himalayas. And last day in Nepal as you fly back to your country.

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    • All Accommodation 4* Category Hotel in Kathmandu, 2* Category Hotel in Nepal twin share basis & Tented camp in Trekking

    • Full Board meal ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )

    • All Necessary Permit Upper Mustang & Upper Dolpa Especial restricted area Permit, ACAP Permit, Phokshundo National Permit & TIMS(Trekkers Information Management System) Card 

    • All Domestic flights and domestic airport transfers

    • Crew members to operate Trek (English speaking Guide, Cook, Porters ) & their salary, Insurance, food 

    • All Ground transfers during the trip by private vehicle

    • All necessary stuff Cooking, Sleeping Down Jacket & Sleeping Bag 

    • First aid medicine 

    • Bold Himalaya's T-Shirt, Douffele Bag & Trip certificate 

    • All Nepal Government & Local Taxes 


    • International Flights 

    • Travel Insurance

    • Nepal Travel Visa fee

    • All Cold drinks & alcohols drinks 

    • Personal Trekking gears & Laundry 

    • Tips for crews members 


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