Things to do in Chitwan

2022-08-31 | Published By: Bold Himalaya

Chitwan is a beautiful and one of the most popular tourist centers in Nepal. Chitwan is a perfect place for nature lovers. Chitwan is a place full of green landscapes. It is famous for growing mustard and for producing mustard oil. It is located 170km west of Kathmandu valley.
Chitwan is one of the popular spots for tourism. Chitwan National Park is one of the most visited National Parks in Nepal. The National Park has many attractive activities to do, which attract the tourist the most. Let’s talk about the top 10 things that we can do in Chitwan.

Exploring the Chitwan National Park, Chitwan (Jungle Safari)

If you love nature and wildlife, you can visit the National park of Chitwan. It is a beautiful wildlife area of Nepal. You can see different types of Plants, Insects, Birds, Reptiles, and Animals. The jungle safari is one of the most popular things to do in Chitwan.
You can feel the vastly different environment around the jungle in comparison to the valley. A peaceful environment and the sweet sound of birds will make you feel more attracted to the place.

Elephant Breeding Center

Among all the animals, elephants are probably the most graceful animal. In Chitwan, you can walk to the elephant breeding center and learn about the nature and habits of elephants with bits of help of naturalists who look after the elephant.
There are often many elephant babies in the elephant breeding center. The elephant breeding center was established in 1985 to protect the elephant and for captive breeding of the elephant.

Crocodile Breeding Center

The crocodile breeding center is one of the most enjoyable programs in Chitwan national park. It is located at Kasara of CNP’s headquarters. You can see the habitant, how crocodiles are keeping safely over there.
There you might be able to see many crocodile babies. Along with crocodiles, you can also get a chance to view scary Mugger Crocodiles in the Crocodile breeding center.

Visiting Tharu Village

Chitwan has a beautiful culture of the Tharu community people. You can have a walk in the local area of the Tharu community. Tharu people have been living there since ancient times. You can learn about the unique daily lifestyle of the Tharu communities.

Cultural Program

There will be a cultural Program performed by the local Tharu people. The Tharu communities have colorful traditional costumes, Unique in their disparity with the common mode of cultural dresses all over Nepal. You can sing and dance with them to enjoy the program.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari is one of the popular adventures activity you can do in Chitwan. You can experience the elephant safari in the National Park. You will enjoy the safari in the dense forest of the national park. On the safari, you can get a chance to have a close view of wildlife animals like crocodiles, rhinos, and tigers (In chance).

Jeep Safari

In the Chitwan National Park, the jeep safari is also one of the popular activities you can enjoy. Those who don’t want to have an elephant safari can join this jeep safari. Jeep drive will also lead you to the habitats of rare wildlife flora and fauna. It continues its drive to the Crocodile breeding center at Kasara of CNP’s headquarters.

Canoe Ride in Rapti River

Those who want to have a close view of crocodiles. They can take and enjoy Canoe rides. It is also one of the tops you can do easily in Chitwan. You can have a different experience traveling the Chitwan landscapes by Canoe Ride.

Visiting Lake

20 Thousand Lake is also known as 20 Hajar Tal. This lake is famous for bird watching place and is home to different species of birds. You can rent a bike and enjoy the ride or can join the jeep safari to 20 thousand lakes.

Visiting Temples

If you have an interest in old culture and tradition, then you can visit the temples around Chitwan. There are many small and big temples in Chitwan. Temples like Bikram Baba temple and Bagheshwori Temple is the popular temple in Chitwan. Visiting the Bikram Baba temple will help you to understand the Nepalese beliefs and cultural values of Nepal. 

Chitwan FAQ

When is the best time to visit Chitwan?
The best time to visit Chitwan is in spring and autumn. In the rainy season it, may not be comfortable to visit Chitwan, you can visit Chitwan from October to April. January to April is the best time to visit the Chitwan National Park to see animals on a safari. The months of March-April is the flower blooming months, where you can see many different types of flower.

Where should I stay and eat in Chitwan?

Chitwan is one of the popular tourist spots in Nepal. So, you can have many resorts, hotels, and lodges to stay in.

Is it safe to visit Chitwan and the Chitwan National Park?

In short yes, visiting the Chitwan and Chitwan National Park is safe. Our guide will guide you on the safe line in the wildlife circle of the National park.