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The Republic of Maldives is a tiny archipelagic state in South Asia, situated in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. It exists southwest of Sri Lanka and India, around 700 kilometers from the Asian continent's mainland. Without a doubt, the Maldives islands are one of the most dazzling places on earth today.  They present the greatest desert island paradise with the most glorious crystal clear turquoise waters, soft white sandy beaches, shallow ponds, endless sunshine, and some of the most excellent coral reefs left on the planet. All of this coupled with the extremely wonderful warm friendly people makes the Maldives a paradise on Earth.

The Maldives consist of 1,190 Coral Islands each enclosed by crystal-blue ponds and arranged in a double chain of 27 atolls and expand over approximately 90,000 square kilometres making the country one of the extremely unique destinations in the world. 192 of the Islands are occupied and 105 of these are resorts. This astonishing part of the world is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday or a luxury honeymoon. The Maldives are also famous for their 200 species of coral, turtles, and 300 species of fish along with an array of reef fish, stingrays, and friendly sharks making it an unimaginable destination to enjoy deep-sea diving or snorkeling. There is an abundance of other water sports convenient throughout the Maldives along with windsurfing, sailing, and water-skiing as well as some of the world’s finest game fishing.

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Visiting in Maldives

The coral country Maldives is filled with thrilling activities for all tourists. Maldives offers natural sandy beaches, blooming reef fishes, lucid lagoons, palm-fringed islands, and splendid water villas. The country of Maldives is perfect for luring honeymooners and holidaymakers with family or friends. Adventure seekers in the Maldives can engage in deep-sea diving, and yacht sailing on Bandos Island, romance seekers to enjoy a couple massage and candlelight dinner on Vilingili Resort Island, and shopaholics to enjoy shopping in the famous local market, and food lovers to dine with a view at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. The HP Reef and Banana Reef make the perfect destination for diving, Grand Friday Mosque and Islamic Center for spirituality, Majeedhee Magu and STO Trade Centre for shopping, and Mulee'age Palace and National Museum for glorious insight into the past of Maldives. You can check on major places to visit in Maldives. 

Best Time to Visit Maldives

The Maldives loves a hot, warm climate adjusted by cooling winds. We will experience balmy mornings and sun-filled days which are followed by star-filled nights. The temperature stays at about 30 degrees Celsius year-round. The Maldives has a very unique wet and dry season. The months between May and November are the damp months with naturally higher rainfall, particularly on the Southern Islands. During this time, we may also sometimes experience quite high winds and stormy conditions. Saying that, during these months, the temperature is still lovely and warm and we will also have a good chance of sunshine between the showers. The dry season is between January and April. It is also less humid during this time.

Maldives Visa Information

Tourist Visa is granted for all nationalities on arrival so foreigners traveling to Maldives does not require pre-approval for visa. On arrival, the Department of Immigration will cross-check and verify your details, and if your information and documents look good, you will be granted with tourist visa to enter Maldives. The travelers must meet basic entry requirements on arrival.

Documents required

A valid passport with at least one month of validity

Confirmed accommodation proof in Maldives

A recent passport-size photograph with a white background

Bank statements indicating sufficient funds for your stay in the Maldives

Return flight to your origin country

Vaccination against covid-19

Food And Accommodation

Food in Maldives

While traveling in Maldives, Food is the main thing for any traveler. The traditional cuisine of Maldives is called Divehi Cuisine which holds a wonderful array of tastes and flavors. Since Maldives is mostly at sea, the major food in Maldives is sea fish. Coconut is a major part of Maldivian food used in different forms like milk, oil, or grated on the top of dishes. 

Since the food in Maldives is a fusion of its neighboring countries like India and Sri Lanka, Maldivian foods are generally mild and spicy. While eating in local areas, be prepared to indulge in spicy curries, fish soups, wonderful crunchy snacks, and delicious Chapati bread. Besides this, fruits such as mangoes, papayas, and pineapples grow abundantly, as a result, you'll get unique, fresh, and tropical-style cuisines. 


Accommodation in Maldives

Accommodation in the Maldives is offered at resorts, city hotels, guesthouses, and safari vessels for luxury to budget travelers. Whether planning a solo trip, honeymoon, or get-together with friends or families, you'll stay in resorts or hotels that offer great amenities, and scenic, views, and are close to beautiful beaches. 


Faq List

The official language of Maldives is Maldivian (Dhivehi). Besides, English is spoken throughout the country, especially in the resort areas. 

The currency used in Maldives is Maldivian rufiyaa however dollars and euros are also accepted throughout the country.

The Maldives is an amazing destination with its spectacular weather and breathtaking island scenery that offers tropical adventure. The country features warm temperatures all around the year, and the ideal time to visit Maldives is from November to February. March to April is also a great time to visit for surfers whereas May to October brings the wet season. 

The Beach villa grants you direct access to the beach whereas the overwater villa grants direct access to the sea. If you want to step out from your villa right onto a beach then a beach villa is perfect for you but if you want to step out from your villa right into the gorgeous water of the Indian Ocean then an overwater villa is perfect for you.  

To enter the Maldives, a pre-arrival visa is required which is granted upon your arrival. You'll only require your confirmation of accommodation and your return international flight tickets. 

Yes, you must have a confirmed booking at a registered hotel that provides tourist facilities because without it you won't get an arrival visa to enter Maldives.  

The majority of travelers enjoy the lagoons as the natives do, swimming, and snorkeling in the warm and turquoise water or canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, deep-sea fishing, jet skiing, and water skiing. The Maldives islands are world-renowned for their scuba diving and snorkeling. Besides, you can go on a shark feeding expedition, where you’re in the water with hungry reef sharks that are being hand-fed by a guide.

Yes, the water is drinkable in Maldives and all the hotels and resorts also offer bottled mineral water for drinking. Please note that seawater is not preferable for drinking. 

All islands in the Maldives provide immense natural beauty and resorts offer a unique style. All resorts with rooms are located on private islands which offer luxurious services. All the resorts in the Maldives are truly beautiful and enjoyable. 

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