1 Day Bhote Koshi River Rafting | Bhote koshi Rafting

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· 15+ years of Industry Experience

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Based on Cost, Duration, & Group

Bhote Koshi River is the upper river course of the Sun Koshi i.e. it is also a part of the Koshi River system in Nepal which is 720 km (450 mi) long. The river flows out of the Lumi Chimi Lake. Besides that, the river is followed by the Araniko Highway from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Bhote Koshi is located about 70km east of Kathmandu. It is a snow-fed by the melting Himalayas range.  

Bhote Koshi River Rafting is also one of the freshly opened rafting rivers.  It is best for its fast-paced adventure and thrills of river rafting. It represents the forefront of river rafting. The flow of the river is the steepest forming a virtual year-round torrent. It provides some of the most thrilling rafting in the world. Rafting on the Bhote Koshi is a challenging and action-packed water adventure. It is also regarded as one of the best short white river rafting in the world. There is continuous rapid action, that makes the river a full-on commitment and a huge adrenaline rush. It offers relentless stretches from class 3 to 4 levels of rapids. Because of these levels of rapids, rafting in this river makes more adventurous. You will be experiencing the fun and thrill at the same time. 

Bhote Koshi River rafting is also famous for one-day river rafting. So, if you have a short time and want the best adventure of rafting, 1-day Bhote Koshi River Rafting is one of the best choices. Besides that, the trail to the Bhote Koshi offers abundant scenic instants and white water magics. It also prospects to visit the unexplored archaeological sites. You get a chance to explore jewel green fields and terraces over the river on steep slopes. Moreover, there is some obstacle that makes your trip livelier. Small waterfall, Boulder gardens, steep chutes, etc. are some of them. Bhote Koshi river rafting can be the best trip for you if you have never rafted. Further, you to experience the diversity of landscapes, aquatic wildlife & vegetation, and natural geographical versatility. 

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There are mainly two best seasons spring (March, April, May) and autumn(September, October, November) for Bhotekoshi Rafting. But you can do it throughout the year depending upon the nature of water and flood. During the rainy season, rafting may be affected by floods.  

Other things can do around the Bhotekoshi river 
Visiting Local village 
Birds watching 

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For the one-day rafting adventure on Bhote Koshi, you have to leave Kathmandu in the early morning. Our journey to Khadichaur start at sharp 6:30 am. It is about 3-4 hour’s drive from Kathmandu to Khadichaur. It's a beautiful drive along with the amazing view of landscapes and hills. On the way, you can stop at Zero Kilo. It is one and a half-hour drive from Kathmandu. You can have some tea or coffee here. And after another 1.5-hour drive, you reach Khadichaur

Reaching Khadichaur, you met with the raft guide. Then your equipment for the trip will be set. Before rafting starts, you will have a brief about safety tips. After safety tips, rafting starts. You will have a wonderful adventure while rafting. During the trip, we will let you know the places where you can swim or go for cliff jumping. After around 3-hour rafting the trip end at Sukute.

You will have lunch at Sukute and leave for Kathmandu in the evening.

Included & Excluded Items in the Trip Package


  • Transportation from Kathmandu-rafting place-Kathmandu.

    Meals (lunch) before starting your rafting.

    Welcome drinks, and mineral water.

    River Permit.

    All necessary staff and their transportation, Food, accommodation, and insurance.

    First aid kid box.

    Rafting Guide and Emergency evacuation assistance by two kayaks. 

    Necessary types of equipment (lifejackets, helmets, self-bailing rafts, plastic paddles, wetsuits.

    Dry bag for gear, camera barrels, and all safety and medical equipment


  • Soft Drinks & Hard Drinks.
    ​ Extra Snacks ​.

    Your personal clothing items.

    ​ Tips for guide

What to pack for 1 day Bhotekoshi River rafting 

  • T-shirt
  •  Quick-dry towel and Environment-friendly Toiletries
  • Sunscreem 
  • swimwear for on the river, fast-drying shirt, half pant 
  • Warm clothing for the evenings including a fleece or a pullover
  •  Footwear (Closed Toe Running shoes, water shoes, or Training shoes)
  • Sunglasses (with retaining device)
  • Personal medication 
  • Some dry nuts or chocolate 
  • Camera  


About Meal

The resort provides a welcome drink and buffet lunch at the resort. Normally resort provides noodles, egg, buffet DALBHAT, MOMO,and other food items on your request.

Yes, it is safe, however, rafters should follow the commands of the guide. 

If you have swimming experience it's good however no swimming experience or training is needed for Bhotekoshi river rafting.  

Yes there are 10 years minimum age limitations for rafting, rafters should be able to follow the command of a guide